What do you know about a .22 Rifle?

On the ballistic market these days, there are many types of scopes displayed in abundance, which may cause some difficulties for you when choosing your best. Also, when you purchase a new gun, you may know how to sight in a scope on a 22 long rifle, but you do not ultimately realize what it is and what it’s used for.

For this reason, I want to present to you some contents about what a 22 long rifle is and what its purposes are. Some have asked me about these questions and issues with using a 22 long rifle pistol. Hence, today I would like to inform you some of my explanations about this problem. 

What is a 22 long rifle ?

The 22 long rifle is a small-caliber pistol applied chiefly in goal shooting. If you want to have a more powerful gun, why don’t you try an an AR 15 after reading ar-15 buyer’s guide from us.


Emerged in 1887 in manufacture by the American J. Stevens Arms, firstly use black gunpowder, but early in the twentieth-century use mitropólvora. The version high speed invented by Remington in 1930. Over the years, it has more innovations and releases.


Due to its modest price, almost nil recoil and excellent accuracy, the cartridge is very common for sports shooting. With hollow point bullets, it is sometimes applied to small games.

The 22 long rifle ammunition introduction

The ammo 22 Long Rifle is the most widespread all over the world. It has a percussion class with 5.5 mm, established in 1887. It was pointedly called as 22 and 22 Long under the permission of American Arms & Tool Company and produced by Peters for the manufacture of weapons.

The small size has the uniqueness and the huge benefit of being both very affordable, accurate, with little recoil and low detonation, and is used equally to revolvers, rifles, pistols and semi-automatic pistols. These firearms are used for target shooting firstly, to 25 meters, 50 meters and up to 100 meters for firing on metal shadows.

The 22 Long Rifle cartridge contains an orthodox ball lead of 2.6-gram projectile at about 330m per second in a long-barreled rifle and 290m per second in a short-barreled pistol. It advances 137J in the muzzle or the same as 14 kilograms per meter.

There are three great 22 long rifles these days:

Browning Semiauto 22

Originally developed by John Moses Browning in 1914, this slick little 22 would be significant: Browning’s SA-22 is just cool.

It’s a combination the seek of the traditional rifle, add the standard and handling of a Browning, mix in a little of rimfire pleasure, and the result is the Browning Semiauto 22. With a short throw lever and crisp trigger, it’s always prepared to take on a walk in the woods, or even put some meals on the table. Unlike many 22s, the standard of a Semiauto 22 is clear from the first peep, with beautiful fit and complete and accuracy to match. The SA-22 is surely a rimfire rifle that’s supposed to be used and enjoyed now and for new ages to come.

Ruger 10/22

The Ruger 10/22 has become the most popular 22 rifle of all time, with sales now hitting six million!

The rifle was made with the survivalist in mind.  When it goes wrong, this gun can get flung in a backpack or carry in several different situations that hide it well. In the last 50 years, the gun has gone through plentiful models and variations, but the original version is a stunning piece, a modest rifle with solid wood and beautiful metalwork. Associated with so many 10/22s produced, the rifle has established its mini-industry of add-ons: aftermarket stocks, extended magazines, and more.

The Marlin 795

The Marlin is a great backup rifle because it’s useful and most of all, it’s cheap. The Marlin 795 is the most inexpensive 22 caliber rifle on the ballistic market today with little competition.

The stock is synthetic and much like the Ruger 10/22 Takedown, it goes above in the fact that it has a very excellent grip hold. The Marlin 795 is indeed a great gun for the cost and would be a great gun for a beginner to start to learn. One of the most awesome things about this 22 caliber rifle is that the bolt remains open after you fire your last shot. This is a great attribute that its competitors do not have, and it’s ideal for beginners that they can calculate when the clip is vacant. In general, the qualities make this rifle an excellent choice for shooters of all ages.

2. The main uses of a long rifle

For hunting and survival

As a survival instrument, the 22 gun proves its purpose well. In addition to being efficient against small games, such as rabbits and squirrels, the 22 long rifle cartridge can also be applied to take a bigger game with the original shot arrangements.

The 22 long rifle is a small confined round, so it does not demand a massive hunk of metal to include its power, making the 22 rifles weigh less than the average rifle. This is a benefit for young hunters, as it will permit them to feel demanding over the weapon and reduce the tiredness, allowing a rise in the time spent holding the gun.

For home defense

The 22 Rifle is the most common firearm in the US.  In many families, it is the only firearm in the house. In addition to its popularity, it is presumably going to be used in a few home defense circumstance.

A 22 rifle does have certain advantages:

  • It has a reasonable cost so that most homeowners can afford one.
  • It is a rifle, so it is inherently more precise than a pistol
  • It is short and lightweight, making it controllable to be handled by women or children with limited strength.
  • It has almost no recoil when firing the weapon, making it suitable for starters.


In short, these are an essential acknowledgment of a 22 long rifle that you should engage. If you fully know about its structure and uses, you will use it correctly. I hope this article can be your valuable document somehow.

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