Write for Us – Guest Post – Hunting & Outdoor & Camping

Currently, Friends Of The Northen Yellowstone Elk Herd is searching for guest writers that could put together well-written articles regarding firearms, hunting and the outdoors.  

Therefore, if you happen to know your way around rifles, pistols, shotguns, survival tools, tracks of games, … then feel free to send us your pieces. Regardless of occupation, we at Friends Of The Northen Yellowstone Elk Herd as well as our readers would love to hear what you have to say. 

Several Benefits For Frequent Contributors 

  • Experiences in researching, collecting and organizing contents for guest posts 
  • Opportunities to work with those that have the same hobbies 
  • Constructive criticism from knowledgeable readers 
  • Notoriety in plenty of communities 

Important Requirements For Guest Posts 

Since our readers expect articles of high quality, we won’t be accepting every guest post that comes to us. To increase of the odds of your articles getting approved by our editors, you have to adhere to these rules 

  • Uniqueness: We need original articles created from scratch, not a mix of already-published contents. Thus, you should stick to familiar topics that you have first-hand experiences with so you could elaborate in detail. Our editors always check all the submitted articles for signs of plagiarism using specialized tools so keep that in mind. Assuming that your guest posts get approved and published on Friends Of The Northen Yellowstone Elk Herd, you may proceed to post them to your site. 
  • Layout: It’s strongly recommended that you write your pieces like the average text documents. Also, as a wall of text usually bore people out, you must place a number of pictures here and there. Prioritize pictures that you own but unsplash ones would do the trick in a pinch. As for the length, you need to try to keep the number of words above 500. 
  • Tone: Friends Of The Northen Yellowstone Elk Herd desires down-to-earth inputs from people that know what they talk about. Because of that, we don’t take kindly to advertisements, spamming, biased contents, etc. Take a look at a couple of articles on our site and you would be able to understand things we tolerate and things we don’t. 
  • Language: At the moment, we concentrate on English-speaking readers so the language of articles on our site is English. That means you need to get the point of your articles through using exclusively English. 
  • Bio: You have to leave a short bio at the end of your guest posts. A few sentences should suffice and you could include links to accounts on social platforms. 

Topics Of Our Current Articles 

As of now, Friends Of The Northen Yellowstone Elk Herd hosts an assortment of articles and they cover the topics below

  • Guns
  • Gun accessories 
  • Reloading ammo 
  • Reviews of products 
  • Activities in the wilderness 

Note: Don’t be shy about sending us guest posts that deal with other topics. Our reader base is expanding which is why we need a wide variety of articles. As long as your articles prove to be engaging, we would consider them for approval. 

Types Of Guest Posts: Breakdowns 

Our editors, the ones that process guest posts, decide which pieces get to be published. That being said, if you like to see your articles showing up on Friends Of The Northen Yellowstone Elk Herd, you may want to write the following types of guest posts 

“List” Articles

Specifically created with the purpose of providing readers with informative references, “list” articles consist of a list of numbered items. Each item in the list should be accompanied by a description that describes their function, performance, role on the field, …

“Question” Articles

In “question” articles, you present the readers a certain issue, your approach to it and then the result you achieve. The aim of articles of the type is to help people replicate the same result as yours on their own. 

“How” Articles 

As the name suggests, “how” articles teach readers the way to take on particular tasks via step-by-step instructions. Remember to include a bunch of photos among the text and keep the wording as easy to understand as possible. 

Hello guys, My name is  Dominic Brown who is a hunters in California. Playing in a small team and  writing blog bout outdoor & hunting is what I love now. There are some experience I feel that I need to share with you to choose the best outdoor gears & how to go hunting better with my knowledge & skill set.

Please let me know your feedback about my experience on this blog or sending any sponsor post through my email:hieuphamquangvu@gmail.com.

Thanks & enjoy your time here.