Best AR 15 Cleaning Kit – Cheap & Effective 2019

You are interested in the AR 15 rifle due to its function. Then, you make one purchase to carry out your hunting seasons. After long – term using (about few hundred rounds of .223 through the barrel), you get stuff with the AR – 15. You discover it is not clean is the main reason for disturbing while hunting. At this time, you need the tool to clean your rifle. And a cleaning kit could help you at this real chore. You ask your friends and other experience AR owners about the good cleaning kit. You know their names, but you do not know the quality of those kits. Well, which is the best AR15 cleaning kit 2017?

The best AR 15 cleaning kit 2018

1. Otis Modern Sporting Rifle Cleaning System

With the Otis Modern Sporting Rifle Cleaning System, you can bring it in your pocket or your cargo pants as it is very lightweight. The Otis cleans the rods of muzzles and other damage bores, thanks to flexible rubber coated cable and brass fittings. Moreover, you scrub the bore as quickly as you can with a traditional cleaning rod due to the desired brushes or jags in the Otis cable. The manufactures attach the right assortment of brushes to clean your chamber and the bore. It is the bolt carrier cleaning tool and it illuminates the bore.

It is a perfect tool if you are working in the military or in the law enforcement because it is covered in a soft zippered pouch that we think it is an ideal of M4 or M16. However, the Otis also has a few bad points. The worst point is the polymer coated cable. At this time, the coating cracks and wears, though this is not different than watching a jointed cleaning rod in the period of time. However, you totally use this kit in many years and you can change another kit through the time.

Although the Otis is a little bit expensive, it is rated one of the best AR 15 cleaning kit. By a time, you realize that you save much money, and time to use a high quality with an expensive product. Furthermore, you should care this cleaning kit. On the one hand, some shooters said that the Otis has an award use, so you can skip the traditional handle. You need to clean it in one direction through pulling up on a T – shaped handle.


  • The Otis is portable and it is a lightweight kit.
  • The kit could not damage to other rifles and guns.
  • This cleaning kit has several models with nice design.


  • The Otis is more expensive than other traditional kits.
  • The polymer of the coated cables could be threadbare.
  • This kit does not complete the needs of cleaning kit for the AR-15.

2. Real Avid Gun Boss Rod Cleaning Kit

The Real Avid Gun Boss Rod Cleaning Kit is not only the cleaning kit, it is also the compact kit, and it is also rated one of the best AR 15 cleaning kit. This kit has seven – piece of jointed steel rod that is neatly packed with one full of the bore and the chamber brushes. It also has cleaning patches for the star chamber, one unique pin punch, cleaning picks, etc. Hence, you just need this kit to clean your AR -15 on your hands.

You may like this best AR – 15 cleaning kit because it has a proper cleaning rod, a nice set of cleaning patches, a wide array of brushes and the picks that clean every part on your rifle smoothly. This is one of the best regular cleaning kit for AR – 15 owners. Unlike the Otis, you do not worry about the steel cleaning rods could be threadbare in the foreseeable furniture at any time.

If you are not sure how to use this kit, you would get trouble with the steel cleaning rods because it could be damaged on your bore. This is a phosphate coated steel rod which will harm your muzzle if you do not use a bore guide. Therefore, you need to understand the chamber end. You will have a big problem if you might not use a steel cleaning rod. With a standard steel cleaning rod, this cleaning kit is more available than other competing products.


  • The Real Avid has a steel cleaning rod.
  • The hunter can put it into their pockets because it is portable and lightweight.
  • ​UTG is one of the most durable and well – constructed bipod of the rifle
  • The Real Avid has a complete cleaning kit to meet the hunter’s requirement.


  • Begin hunters could break the bore if they are not sure how to use in the Real Avid.
  • To be a complete cleaning kit for the AR – 15, the hunter needs to use some suitable chemicals.
  • The Real Avid might have some piece of rods that are not suitable for the joints.

3. M – Pro Tactical Rifle Cleaning Kit

When you are looking for a cleaning kit for a.223 AND and a.308 bore snake, the M – Pro Tactical could be your next hunting time. In this kit, you will see some accessories such as special gun cleaner and gun oil, one handy nylon brush, one cloth of cleaning, one case of carrying and instructional guide. Bore snakes are a great way to cleaning a bore, and they are also the most popular modern methods.

Furthermore, modern bores could not have extensive cleaning if you observe the accuracy change is not a problem after finishing one shooting session. Pair of bore snakes are perfect when one solvent soaked bore snake does the process totally, especially when keeping a.308 or a.300 Blackout upper the place.

With one instructional guide, you do not worry how to use a bore snake. On the one hand, the hard carrying case is also good for using and it is durable. This cleaning kit is elegant design and it also is rated one of the best AR 15 cleaning kit in the gun stores. Although the price of this cleaning kit is not cheap, you still buy at available price.


  • This cleaning kit is suitable for bore snake users.
  • The M – Pro Tactical has two different boresnakes that is ideal for owners of multiple common uppers.
  • The M – Pro Tactical also has a correct set of cleaning and good condition of chemicals.
  • UTS has perfect height range for hunting


  • The M – Pro Tactical has packed some unnecessary items to increase perception of value.
  • The M – Pro Tactical could not clean the chamber, bolt carrier group, etc.

4. Gunmaster AR Cleaning Kit

Some hunters said that the Gunmaster AR Cleaning Kit is an odd cleaning tool. They get the traditional brass rod, chamber and bore brush, one bore mop, one pick, and jags. With an odd cleaning tool, the Gunmaster AR still is one of the best AR 15 cleaning kit in the current year. It also has a set of common screwdriver bits and one screwdriver handle that will help you keep the common scopes and attachments on your rifle.

With the basic set of hardware (three different kinds of bits, a screwdriver), you can clean the AR – 15. The brass rods are cheap, but you still have a good service and it does not damage to your bore when having incorrect used. The Gunmaster AR Cleaning Kit does not have some traditional cleaning tools such as dental picks, illuminator, a dedicated bolt carrier group cleaning tool. The patches of the bore and the chamber could be amazing ones to serve to the basis of assembling one complete kit, or it could be a source of spare parts.


  • The Gunmaster AR Cleaning Kit has a central core of cleaning accessories for cleaning.
  • It is available cleaning kit of the AR – 15.


  • The Gunmaster AR Cleaning Kit does not have the cleaning patches.
  • It also does not have the important tools for upper and lower receiver.

5. Outers .22 Caliber Rifle Brass Cleaning Kit (Clamshell)

The Outers.22 Caliber Rifle Brass Cleaning Kit has the patch attachments and brushes which are different products. There are two similar kits for one caliber range between .22 and .45. The Outers .22 Caliber is a basic kit that has been designed with high quality. If you are looking for the best AR – 15 cleaning kit, this kit will meet your needs and expectations. When you have several different caliber firearms, you should buy a single kit, patch attachments and brushes for the specific calibers. This one is truly a best AR 15 cleaning kit.


  • This kit is a flexible one because you can put a few additions of padding attachments and brushes. It seems to be one of the best AR – 15 cleaning kits in the stores.
  • The Outers.22 Caliber has a lower price than other cleaning kit in the gun stores.
  • The Outers.22 Caliber has a complete accessories like a bore brush, a three -piece brass cleaning rod, slotted patch attachment, pointed jag, two-ounce nitro solvent gun cleaner bottle, microfiber patches, and a two -ounce gun oil bottle.
  • It has a high quality kit for AR – 15 cleaning kit.


  • The brush and the patch attachments are specific calibers.
  • The cleaning rod needs a high impact plastic material.

How to choose the best AR 15 cleaning kit

Reviewing the basic accessory of an AR 15 cleaning kit

For those who are experienced hunters, you completely understand these foundation points. For those who are newbies of using AR 15 rifle, they do not recognize some main accessories that are vital. One cleaning kit needs to be strong enough. If the kit is weak or brittle, it could make your weapon break and it causes many dangers. A popular cleaning form that is attached in the AR – 15 is a brush. Some people called it is an AP brush. The brush cleans every element of the weapon and remove the rust in the weapon. Similarly, a cleaning kit of the AR – 15 have a deep cleaning to eliminate the dust and the rust in your weapon.

Consider some factors of the  best AR – 15 cleaning kit

Experienced hunters know that it is essential to take into account the factors of one cleaning kit, especially with the precious AR – 15. Even though you do not have a huge of experience like them, you also need to consider these core points as following.

· It is durable throughout of years: obviously, a shopper or one consumer draw attention to this first point when going around in the supermarket or in the website. With the cleaning tool for your rifle, you focus on this sector totally. Because it is not light and easy to clean the AR -15. Therefore, you need to find the cleaning tool that you can use it on several years, no matter how often you use or not. In fact, one cleaning kit is made from brass that is one of the most durable devices.

· It is affordable in the price: some people said that the best product is the most expensive one in the market. However, when having the most expensive cleaning kit in your hands, it does not mean you have the best AR 15 – kit. Therefore, you need to be lucid before making one purchase. In this tool, you can ask some advice from your friends, and try different items that you want to check the quality.

· It is comfortable accessory: before choosing the best AR – 15 kit, you realize some accessories that including in the kit. With one kit, the manufactures make a quality brush, a supply of patches, and the best cleaning solvents. When checking these accessories, you are comfortable to choose the cleaning product for your hunting seasons.

· It is an effective tool: it is crucial to identify the cleaning kit that is suitable for the AR – 15. For example, the Otis has a belt clip in order to make the pack softer and it smoothly works on. Or with the Real Avid Pro, it has a micro polishing feature to remove the dust and rust quickly.


After heavy use, your AR – 15 rifle needs to relax through cleaning its components. Even though you do not use it all the time, you still need to make clean because your rifle has to work in different environments. At this time, a cleaning kit could do it for you. Having the best AR – 15 cleaning kit is vital to keep your rifle is sturdy and hard running again. One good cleaning kit might make the difference in the performance of AR – 15. Thank you for reading my post to choose the best AR 15 cleaning kit 2017.

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