Best Molle Backpack reviews for your trip

Is it tough to select the best Molle backpack? In fact, it is a piece of cake that every hunter can prepare for their upcoming time. You will have a clear answer in this article!

Apart from your hunting season, you need to prepare everything carefully. I mean your gearbox is also important to help you have an amazing moment in the hunting range at all.

Sometimes, your bag can rescue in an unexpected situation that you cannot imagine in advance. Most importantly, it helps you carry necessary things without struggling. And many of us ought to use a Molle backpack. How could you pick the best Molle backpack?

About the Molle backpack

Someone probably does not want to know what it is Molle. Is it a specific name brand of a backpack? In fact, the Molle stands for Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment and you can call Molle is Molly.

The name sounds a bit complicated, but it is easy to understand. This is a covered bag with webbing and allowing additional modules which are attached to several suitable points.

These backpacks are often used in the police, military, and the fire department in Britain and America as well. The system is popular among several backpack manufacturers because of the unique points it provides.

Use a molle backpack, you enable to attach some items, such as:

  •    First-aid kits with the military-style kit and individual ones
  •    Grenade and sustainment pouches
  •    D-rings for slings
  •    Holsters

Best Molle backpack on the market

Dont have much time? Click to the short list bellow:

#1 – 5.11 Tactical RUSH72 Backpack

5.11 Tactical RUSH72 Backpack is a decent Molle backpack which will stand on the surface even if in the toughest situations. This product is also a front bag with 55 liters in the weight capacity which is also accessible for treks in long hours.

With a lot of compartments, you do not worry about how to put your necessary things in the backpack, including a fleece line sunglasses room which is unique in design. The largest compartments have extra zippers in front of the room and the product also has an organizational room.

How about the used material? It is made from the 1050-Denier nylon fabric. This is the waterproof material and it also withstands the toughest use. Additional compression thongs on both sides can load more rooms and stabilize the overall construction.

I love a hydration chamber because I enable to customize the backpack in my under control. It sounds amazing for hunters or for those who often have outdoor activities. The product is absolutely rated 5 stars and many prior buyers love it. So, there is no doubt that this is the best Molle backpack in recent years.


  •    Fashionable design with 7 different colors to choose from
  •    Good used materials to build the quality at all
  •    Large rooms with other necessary inner pockets
  •    Suitable price for the quality
  •    Compact size


  •    Not durable in the straps at all
  •    A bit heavy and bulky

#2 –  G4Free Outdoor Tactical Backpack

This product is made with adaptability in mind because it provides 3 different methods to carry – shoulder bag, hand carry, and EDC bag chest or back sling. This backpack is made for a solid one with 600D polyester fabric and many main upgrades. It is much more compact and lightweight to suit your body shape.

With different 6 several colors consisting of Tan and Army Green, so you enable to choose from your favorite colors. It has a respectable capacity at the price point so that you can use it for other outdoor activities such as cycling, hunting, hiking, etc.

Plenty of inner pockets have been placed to support you to get different items controlling beyond some foundation needs. It is a useful item to keep everything in a place wisely thanks to lots of room on the front to give you put several things safely.   

On the back, you ought to store a 9MM handgun and take it whenever you want to. There are various loops on the sides and on the front as well to attach additional pouches if you wish to increase some space.

With full of great features, this product serves the best Molle backpack on the current market.


  •    A small bag and many rooms to store
  •    Nice model with 6 colors
  •    Sturdy frame with high-quality used material
  •    Hefty price and durable
  •    Secure lock system


  •    A bit hard to use zippers
  • A bit small strap

#3 – Exos Bravo Tactical Assault Backpack Rucksack

If you are looking for a tactical backpack which has great used material, solid frame, and affordable in price; then you will need to land to Exos Bravo Tactical Assault Backpack Rucksack right away!

The weight capacity is good enough for users to carry and it still has enough rooms to put lots of thing from your list. It is just 34 liter only! Do not surprise that this is a perfect choice for making a good backpack with flexible using a daypack, everyday solution, etc.

Now, this is the time to check the used material. Do not shout it loud as you will feel amazed at the top-notch material.

It is inbuilt from 600D polyester with double grab handle and padding thong and back areas as well. This is a great coat to protect everything in the inner space of the backpack.

Do not be afraid of the zippers when using Exos Bravo because they are so strong like warriors. D-rings on the shoulder straps also make difference to support your journey a lot.


  • High-quality used materials with strong construction
  • Many decent features
  • Affordable price
  • Flexible use
  • Nice design for every user


  • Lack of adjustable straps
  • A little difficult to use the straps and zippers
  • A bit heavy and bulky

#4 – Condor 3 Day Assault Pack

Fortunately, Condor is a prominent brand for hunters about the outdoor goods as well as tactical backpacks. Condor 3 Day Assault Pack is a crop backpack with the Molle webbing system.

The product has a large room in the center which includes a separate pocket to keep hydration bladders.

Furthermore, it has the second compartment which is smaller with some small pockets for holding pens, radios, maps, pens, paper, etc. With two side pockets, you enable to hold radios or water bottles.

A webbing front room and an inner pocket are inbuilt to place other things into these compartments. Oh my, Condor 3 Day Assault Pack has many rooms to put my clothes and other vital things smoothly!

This backpack has some additional things that I want to show such as a strong handle, a solid belt, shoulder thongs and strengthened side.

Now, you may not surprise this product is also the best Molle backpack on most customer’s shopping cart anymore!


  • Well-made backpack with adjustable size (it can fit every body shape)
  • Diverse colors to choose from
  • Many rooms to keep your things smoothly
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Lifetime warranty


  • A bit pricey
  • A bit heavy-duty

#5 – Military Tactical Backpack Small Assault

With bunches of excellent features, Military Tactical Backpack Small Assault often rated one of the best Molle backpacks and most patrons regularly find this product.  

Do you know what type of used material it has? It is the 900D fabric material! This is one of the most durable.

It is also water-resistant ones for backpacks that I often want to use it. On the other hand, the product has double zippers which are so solid as well as a good load system. It supports you feel comfortable completely.

On the back and on the shoulder thongs is attached soft padding that helps you have a smooth carrying during your journey.

Military Tactical is a versatile backpack so that you ought to use it for hiking and other outdoors in a deep forest. All zippers do not make noise to help you do not raise an attention to other animals while moving or hunting.


  •    Great workmanship for all users
  •    Tremendous quality in the material and construction
  •    Reasonable capacity
  •    Good-looking product


  •    Small straps in the arm position
  •    A bit smell in the material for the first time of using

#6 – Tactical Sling Bag Pack Military Rover

Tactical Sling Bag provides several incredible features such as the concealed room in the backside, the comfortable system in the Y strap, etc. It is made with a cozy kind of polyester which enables to control difficult climate conditions. It sounds amazing!

I love the solid frame in this model because it is so perfect compared to its cost. Good zippers with high-end pulls are made all users feel easy to use the backpack with Molle system.

If you have more sweat on your back, then you could not worry about this point when wearing a backpack for many hours.

It has soft padding and single shoulder strap, so you ought to modify the backpack without making a mess.

Most prior customers agree that Tactical Sling Bag is also the best Molle backpack that they cannot miss out.


  • Compact size
  • Large enough in the compartments
  • Many external rings, velcro, and paracord 
  • Big shoulder strap to build the comfort


  • Lack of storage features
  • Lack of the Y strap in front of the product

Consider these things in order to find the best molle backpack

Overall construction

The plastic constructions on the backpack are used to open and close the backpack without much hassle. All latest frames are solid so that it can protect the inside bag, but users still feel light enough to bring.


With high-end design, these packs are inbuilt with PALS – Pouch Attachment Ladder System. They are webbing thongs getting it easy to focus on any extra item you want to.

There are various methods to put items to these straps along with locking clips or other thongs which are popular. If you want to save a lot of bucks, you will use zip ties or paracord without paying other attachments.


You may surprise that Molle backpacks have unique belts. Thanks to special belts, they can help the main part carry out heavy loads while you are still comfortable and avoiding wound. Most connection points are attached to buckles and clips. These are designed to stay cinched while moving.

When buying a backpack with webbing which circles the whole outer side of the belt and having strengthened stitching at different stretches are good ideas. These take it easy to put military T-rings which ought to come in true handy.

After taking into account these core parts, you can check some factors which are associated with the molle backpack:

Used material

The material used also impacts on the durability of the Molle backpack. This is the reason materials should be stronger and they are still lightweight enough.

There are 3 main types of materials to meet two those requirements which as canvas, polyester, and nylon. Of course, they still have good points and behind downfalls. So, it depends on your needs to accept these points.

Capacity level

The capacity level is one of the most important factors in a bag. Thus, you should open the zipper and check the inside space of a product. Some products also have additional attachments to support you to customize the backpack.

Origin of the brand

To be honest, this is a nut to crack. Some USA factories are good while other producers are not. Reversely, some developing countries have better manufacturers and some do not.

Some famous brands will take goods from Vietnam, India, Bangladesh, Turkey, etc. to help them sew.

Therefore, you should check the quality along with the origin of a backpack such as tough the material, check the seam stitch, etc. Do not find the term “made in…” only as it cannot show the true quality.

How to keep the Molle backpack for a while

I am sure that you also need to review this part even if you have already bought the best Molle backpack. Here are a few tips to save your backpack looks new in the long period of time.

  •    Select the proper place to attach your gear
  •   Know the exact weight capacity of your backpack to help you put the right number of capacities
  •    Regularly clean the product and dry it out without getting the sun
  •    Read the instruction carefully before using
  •    When you have to put sharpen things like knives, you should cover them first and put them into the backpack later

Over to you

Molle backpack is a good idea for those who pack everything in the bag and travel many places. It is not difficult to choose the Molle backpack. With hunters, they absolutely need a backpack like the Molle one. I do not show you the exact brand you have to purchase, but I can let you know my list of the best Molle backpack. And I have already done! The rest part is yours…

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