Now Is the Time for You to Know the Truth about Best Tandem Kayak

Tandem kayak is a popular product in the local outdoor shop, but it is important to figure out the best Tandem kayak. Stay tuned to know further information!

You see a small river with calm lake water by chance when driving. You wish to have a small boat to go along with the river. Also, you can enjoy the fresh air at the same time. Oh hoooh, it sounds amazing for a peaceful outdoor on the weekends! A small boat you need to find is called tandem kayak. In addition to plan a real transport, you should find the best Tandem kayak in advance.

Top 5 of the best Tandem kayak to view first before go shopping

Dont have much time? Here is the short list for you:

#1 –  Intex Explorer K2 Kayak (2-Person Inflatable Kayak)

Intex Explorer is not only affordable Tandem kayak but also it has several great features as the best Tandem kayak.

It is so simple to paddle as you ought to inflate and deflate it in your right track. The vinyl material provides everything that a kayak requires such as puncture-proof, UV-ray proof, waterproof, etc. It is so strong! This is an inflatable tandem kayak, but it has well-built and great capable boat for all kayakers.

It has 20 x 36 x 123 inches (in length), with two separate rooms, and 350 pounds (in a maximum weight capacity), so you should think of these points to decide the number of persons for goes kayaking. How about the seat? With two built-in cushioned seats for two paddlers, they can feel much more comfortable while driving the boat.

The manufacturer also attaches 2 aluminum oars, air-pump, 2 bows, and an instant repair kit. Therefore, you enable to swim in the middle of the lake or river and enter the boat without making any flip.


  • Well-made construction with reliable brand
  • Ease of assembling and transport (you just waste around 15 minutes to set it up)
  • Strong and durable material
  • Large, removable, and comfortable seats
  • Quick repair kit included


  • A little bit expensive
  • Not solid in the paddle
  • Lack of instruction for new users
  • Heavy duty (but it is not bulky)
  • A bit difficult paddle to control

#2 – Ocean kayak 12-feet Malibu 2 tandem sit-on-top recreational kayak

Ocean 12-feet Tandem kayak is another choice that I want to show you. This is a sit-on-top Tandem kayak which works well for two adults and one small kid aside with the main ride.

It can bear the weight capacity between 375 and 425 pounds. So, you can consider this point to determine the number person is available. The length of this product is about 12 feet by 34 inches (in width).

With 3 seating position on top of the hull, it includes the bows, stern, and the middle of the solo paddling. The boat also has some additional elements such as 2 comfortable seats, an extra mole-in handle in kid’s seat, strong thongs, carved out for your feet, and skid plate as well.

The product has a hull and deck shape which allows you to store it easily under any circumstance.  


  • Great option for touring kayaks
  • Well-built product with durable material
  • Ease of set up, take in and take out without tipping
  • Nice hull design
  • Large and comfortable seats
  • Wide rooms
  • Strong construction
  • Not too heavy


  • A bit pricey
  • Lack of electric plugs in all 4 holes
  • Lack of extra protection

#3 – Lifetime 10 Foot, 2 Person tandem Sit-on kayak with padded backrests

Lifetime 10 Foot has everything you need to have on your kayaking trips such as three fishing pole holders and holders for your paddles. So, your hands are free to hold another thing without worrying about the safe journey. Enjoy a cup of tea or coffee in the beautiful sightseeing is a good idea!

For those who want to draw attention to the product longevity, you will focus on the quality and the warranty policy as well. And this product has 5-year limited guaranty! So now, are you feeling more comfortable to find out this point?

A fancy seat will give you feel free to enjoy the air while moving. Hey, do not forget to go with your friends to see how the scene is wonderful through the Tandem kayak like this product! The inside floor is also quite well without getting wet (to avoid a possible accident).

Lifetime 10 Foot comes from the reputable manufacturer – the Lifetime so that Lifetime 10 Foot is rated the best Tandem kayak in several recent years.


  • Stable and flexible kayak (in the seat positions)
  • Big enough rooms for 3 adults
  • Hefty cost
  • Wonderful cargo capacity
  • Nice color with implemented design
  • Compatible guaranty policy
  • Ease of use and store


  • A bit heavy and bulky to ride
  • The not durable material in the paddle position

#4 – Advanced elements advanced frame convertible inflatable kayak

This inflatable kayak is a tremendous option for rivers, lakes, and bays as well. The Advanced Elements is a reliable brand and the product helps you securely from falling into the water.

Even if it has incredible tracking abilities, you need to notice the amount of weight you give in the kayak. The weight capacity is about 350 pounds, so two adults can kayak the vessel easily. I could be put a small child seat, but be sure the total amount gets 350 pounds only.

If you have larger adults, then you could look for another larger inflatable kayak. Although it has limited seat, it still provides comfort zone and a solid frame for paddlers to drive many hours.  


  • Nice colors (with 2 colors only – red and green) and foldable design
  • Adjustable padded seat to be suited kayakers
  • Durable material (aluminum ribs)
  • Ease of setup
  • Tremendous storage


  • Quite heavy to move
  • Tough zippers on the sides

#5 – Sevylor Coleman Colorado 2-Person Fishing Kayak

Sevylor Coleman Colorado is truly powerful and it has a huge number of fittings to allow an expansion. This is the reason why it is a little more expensive than other Tandem kayaks.

This product is not only ideal for kayaking but also for go fishing in a small river, lake or bay as well. Therefore, you enable to use it for other purposes when having outdoor activities in the upcoming time. It will save you a lot of bucks.

The material is so excellent with 18-gauge PVC which withstands other harsh influences such as UV rays, waterproof, saltwater, etc.

Though it does not include paddles and a pump, Sevylor Coleman Colorado is still the best Tandem kayak on the market thanks to its construction quality.


  • High-quality material with thick resistant cover
  • Large and more storage compartments
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Not cause leaking air
  • Well-balanced kayak


  • Lack of extra accessories like a pump, paddles, etc.
  • Not durable in the rooms (these will change the initial shape and deflate)

#6 – Sea Eagle SE370K inflatable kayak

Even if you bring your pooch along with you to kayak, their claws cannot scratch the construction easily!

Thanks to the solid frame with excellent material, you feel it like a canoe than one inflatable kayak only. The materials (the PolyKrylar and PVC) have the UV resistance, sun resistance, and the saltwater so that you enable to bring this small vessel at any time and anywhere.

The weight capacity can increase up to 650 pounds which means that it can bear 3 adults or a large cargo. At this time, you do not have to concern about the weight capacity anymore. It is so generous!

Do not miss out to see its extra package such as 2 paddles (with 7 inches), double compatible seats, foot pump, carry bag, and quick repair kit. These are your savior in the long trip! In other words, they can help you lots of things that you cannot imagine in advance.

With full of amazing features, there is no doubt that Sea Eagle SE370K is also the best Tandem kayak on the current market.


  • Sturdy and well-made kayak
  • Large storage bag
  • Affordable price
  • Comfortable seats with 3 seats
  • Ease of assembling and use
  • Good speed


  • A bit long paddle
  • Not lightweight at all
  • Easily get dirt because of the light color in the muddy

About the Tandem kayak

Tandem kayaks offer you the chance to enjoy the kayaking with other persons by giving seating for a second one. They absolutely are heavier and longer than most single kayaks. So, users can drive the kayak quickly and this boat could be more firm as well.

Nonetheless, please note that the accelerated size ought to make kayaks harder to be transported and stored. Additionally, if one person cannot take their side, the kayak might be tough to steer until weight additions are put to stabilize it in the water again.

Fortunately, some products give the convenience of a seat in the center so that a single person also controls the Tandem kayak without much hassle. Hence, if you decide to take the Tandem kayak by yourself, you will need to find these single-centered paddler items.

Main types of the Tandem kayak

Before choosing the best Tandem kayak, you should have a general background about the kayak categories. There are 3 certain basic kayaks to explore.

Touring kayaks

Touring kayaks are one of the best Tandem kayaks for tourists who want to relish the environmental conditions. These are completely made with top-notch materials and offer extra waterproof storage space for putting gear. They also have a bigger V-shape in the center with greater straight-line tracking and another smaller secondary V-shape to provide resistance.

Inflatable kayaks

In case you have difficulties storing or moving a fixed-size Tandem kayak like touring kayaks, you will need to choose an inflatable one is probably your smartest choice. It requires extra time to inflate and deflate the Tandem kayak, but it could be taken in an easily stored. Most models are inexpensive which you may use on flat water and calm water surface. Other expensive kayaks could be transported for touring, scuba-diving, and irregular water.

Sit-on-top kayaks

Sit-on-top kayaks are also popular kinds which are suitable for safety and stability. You will sit on the top of the kayak to paddle. These kinds will not let water to fill up the board so this is a security feature. Nonetheless, you are not protected by a hull. Some products are wider and more stable than others while some longer and faster. You can this category is solo-paddling kayaks.

Most paddlers should think of these criterion when selecting the best Tandem kayak

Hull shape

Basically, most 2-person Tandem kayaks have the V shape and the single-person products have the similar shape. The inside rooms in each category could be different and the colors as well.

Used materials

Used materials influence the overall construction as well as the general weight of the Tandem kayak.

Fiberglass of the Tandem kayaks is lighter but they are not durable while plastic ones are heavier and more endurable.

Moreover, fiberglass can make the Tandem kayak much more effective in the water as they are quite lightweight.

Some boats also have Polyethylene and ABS materials. They can withstand UV rays from the sun and waterproof feature as well. However, the ABS is more expensive but you can use it for a while. Polyethylene is cheaper but it makes the kayak stronger.

Depending on your expected kayak and the water conditions, you would know which one to choose.  

Storage ability (gear storage also)

Do you want to go camping during your kayaking journey? If the question is “of course”, then you could notice this factor.

Perhaps, watertight and dry storage rooms ought to give you putting your bags with peace of mind. I mean you have more time to deal with other problems.

Furthermore, it will help you save lots of bucks when you do not have to keep your backpacks in some places outside.  

In case the Tandem does not have enough storage, dry bags could be a good idea for purchasing the best Tandem kayak.

Weight capacity

In general, Tandem kayaks can bear between 75 and 100 pounds (in weight). This is a quite tough task to estimate the true weight capacity before purchasing. If you will have more than two paddlers, you will take a basic math method to get the final weight capacity of a Tandem kayak.

For example, taking a small boat (about 85 pounds) may let you have difficult paddling because you have to control the head position of this small vessel. Consider how much weight is crucial to transport and carry as well.


Most Tandem kayaks have from 10 to 20 feet (in length). To find the right one, you should know your physical strength and type of transportation as you can control the boat smoothly.

With longer kayaks, they take the place of water and they are much steadier. Nevertheless, you need to have paddling skills to handle these. For short kayaks, these are perfect for all newbies because they can manipulate throughout tight spaces.

Final Words

Kayaking is definitely one of the most fabulous water sports on the planet! To have an unforgettable moment and maintain safety, you should prepare your kayaking equipment precisely.

And selecting the best Tandem kayak should be on this list. I have given my top 5 choices with a few quick reviews. Now, this is the time you should go shopping and make up your mind to make your right option which of one of those products suits what are you finding.

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