Bore Snake Vs Cleaning Rod Review & Comparision

If you are a conscientious firearm owner, you understand that genuine care and conservation of your firearms is crucial if you want to preserve them at peak exactitude and efficiency throughout their lifetime.

Cleaning the gun after use is one of the essential parts of conservation, especially if you own larger or more complicated pieces, for example, the Springfield, Remington or AR-15…  

There are two well-liked methods available for cleaning: cleaning rod vs bore snake. What are the differences between them and does one can offer better-quality performance over the other? Let’s investigate more about them!

1. Cleaning rod

The cleaning rod is the heart of gun hygiene. It allows you to clean areas of the gun, like the bore snake, that you can’t touch by hand. It’s an essential tool and should not be taken lightly.

The picture below illustrates a typical cleaning rod you often see in life:

What is it?

The cleaning rod is a long iron (or other materials) bar fees 6, 78 cm long. It has a blunt tip that can stuff the dynamite and bullets into the gun; the tip also acts on the barrel when sprayed bullets. However, its primary function is to help the weapon owner clean the inside of the gun after use.

How to clean your gun with a cleaning rod:

Step 1: Unload your gun. Always take the time to carefully unload your gun and check twice to make sure that it’s unloaded every time you pick it up to clean it.

After opening the chamber, look through the barrel from back and forth. Make sure that no round stays inside, either in the chamber or the barrel. No gun can be thought unloaded until you have looked through the barrel.

Step 2: Cleaning out the barrel with a cleaning rod:  Immerse the bore, or inside of the barrel, using a cleaning rod. To carefully clean the barrel, press on a solvent-soaked patch through the bore until it goes out the other end. Take out the piece, don’t pull it back through. If you do so, it will re-add all the dirt you clean off.

Some common types of cleaning rod today (particularly for shotguns)

Steel cleaning rods are not ductile like aluminum, so they won’t get fragments stuck into the surface. There is the danger of rubbing the gun bore if you let the rod contact with the choke tube or the bore.

Aluminum is attractive due to its cheapness light weight. It’s also soft so that it won’t harm a steel shotgun barrel by itself. However, since aluminum is ductile, it can get sand and dirt stuck into its surface.

Carbon Fiber cleaning rods are the best conventional rods available, but at a higher cost than any cleaning rods. Carbon fiber is strong, sturdy and light. It’s called the king of cleaning rods. It will not rub or stuck easily with debris.

2. Bore snake


The bore snake is certainly the world’s quickest bore cleaner. Made with a series of built-in brushes, it integrates all the cleaning procedure into one simple step, efficiently cleaning your bore in a single way.

What is it?

A bore snake is a tool used to clean the inside of the barrel of a gun. It looks like a little divide of rope with a smaller cord fixed to one end to help feed the bore snake through the barrel. A bore snake often has one or more combined brush to assist in cleaning the barrel. Bore snakes are made in various sizes for different calibers and gages of guns.

The main structure of a bore snake

  1. The head of the bore snake contains a few key components; a brass weight fixed to the end of a durable, a small section of woven material where you would utilize any CLP product that you often use to release the debris embedded in the bore of the firearm.
  1. The body of the bore snake is a durable material configured to catch any fragments as it passes through the bore of the firearm.
  1. The final section of a bore snake comprises a large loop where you will also apply some of your product to finish the cleaning.

Some famous brands of bore snake today

The Hoppe’s bore snake is the original bore snake. Hoppe’s has several various lines of bore snakes, but the Viper is the most high-end line. Hoppe’s knows a lot about cleaning guns and is one of the earliest developers of gun cleaning technology.

The Ultimate’s bore snake is a part of the kit that is welcome in different range bags. It’s a versatile bore cleaning appliance that is made to clean the bore of pistols and rifles. It’s long enough for most criterion rifle barrels and equips a wide variety of calibers.

The Sage and Braker’s bore snake is quite distinctive. Using the Sage and Braker bore snake you’ll have the ability to minimal disorders and clean more effectively.

The comparison

Using a cleaning rod is coming within reach of the gun when total accuracy is needed, as is using a rod will more conscientiously wash the barrel of the firearm than compared to a bore snake. Nevertheless, this does not mean that a cleaning rod is a right option for every cleaning circumstance.

If intensive care and prudence are not taken, the rod can damage the beak or crown of your gun. This might, in turn adversely influence the precision of the gun to a considerable degree.Regarding sharp cleaning power, there is no assessment; using a rod will eliminate more of the foreign matter out of your barrel than a bore snake ever will.

Bore snakes are the favored contact for cleaning in the field, as they are easier to retain gross and there is less risk of harming your gun. Whatever you do, don’t shoot it out! Bore snake can also be an excellent remedy for routine use of rifles, where accuracy isn’t a worry, such as shotguns. They are also much faster to use than a clean rod.

As you see, both cleaning rod and bore snake has their position and can be hired, but it looks like, in common, that:

  • The cleaning rod is the best decision for precision cleaning of your firearm.
  • Bore snake is the preferable option for the field use, or the suitability is your initial concern.


In conclusion, as you can draw from the article, both methods are relatively proportional. Thus, replacing one over other is hard. Therefore, it’s up to what your firearm is. It can be a pistol, a rifle, or a shotgun, and it needs different cleaning methods. I hope after reading the article; you will distinct quickly these standard gun cleaning methods, and probably can find the most suitable one!


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