Ceramic vs steel knife – features and choices

For any kinds of knife, the blade is undoubtedly an essential part. There are two favorite materials which make this including ceramic and steel. Are you wondering what their features and how well these can perform? Let’s have an insight into ceramic vs steel knife and make a quick comparison.

By what way people have created the knives with the ceramic or steel blade?

Unless you get information about the composition of these materials, it is impossible to evaluate the quality of them. Followings are the things which a ceramic or steel blade contains.

Ceramic knife

Usually, manufacturers make the knife with a type of ceramic so-called zirconium oxide. They make use of such power which was under a dry-pressing process before and then fires till it becomes solid.

The next step is to sharpen the product’s edges, not by an ordinary sharpener, it is a wheel coated with a diamond dust layer instead. In fact, the zirconium gets the eighth position in the list for levels of hardness. Hence, the knife made of the ceramic is much hard than the steel ones. Therefore, there will be a reduction for sharpening needing through the production.

Steel knife

It is a broad range of factors, especially manufacturers and usage which will decide how many metals contributing to a steel knife. For years, people in such industry apply metals including iron, titanium, and carbon to make the steel knives for the exceptional durability.

However, many products from a composition of carbon, vanadium, and cobalt, unfortunately, can’t present a perfect eon like these mentioned above.

There are two main types of the steel blade materials including stainless steel and high carbon steel. The amount of chromium in the former is approximately 12%. Such substance not only protect, the blade from rust as well as corrosion.

When bearing a competition with the latter, the stainless knife shows more softness.  Although this feature is a good point for sharpening easily, it means that the life expectancy will be shorter by losing the edge little by little.

On the other hand, the hardness of the latter – high carbon steel makes it practical to maintain the durability of the blade for years. It is because that the number of times when the sharpening is in need will be a very few during usage.

How is about the sharpness?

From the first section of the article, you can understand how the ceramic knife is created. Because of the high quality of composition along with the modern sharpening process, such kind does not require users to sharpen many times. An appreciated service from the manufacturers for such products is to sharpen them without a fee. Here is the standard which other metal knife brand does not.

According to studies, the diamond is the hardest material and the ceramic stands in the second stage. Nevertheless, it is avoidable for some weakness after a long time of performing, grinding the blade is still in need sometimes.

By contrast, it may be quite challenging for the steel knife to get the perfection of sharpness like the ceramic one can. The reality shows that most of the best EDC fixed blade knife on the market are of stainless steel. In general, shoppers believe in their quality of the edge. However, only after around a half of month of using, you will probably find some signs of dullness.

Is there any difference in durability between ceramic vs steel knife?

Among masses of knives out there, the ceramic product is the one which does not tend to show a short life expectancy. Despite many years of using, there is steel no need for sharpening and no rust happens.

But, the drawback is not unavailable. In some cases, it could be because of the manufacturing fault or carelessness; the blade is broken. Then, should you throw it away regardless how expensive the equipment is?

You know that each knife has its shortage. Besides the cases of breaking for the ceramic blade, being rust will be a problem driving users insane with the steel knives. Nonetheless, the knife will stay in good state if you store it carefully for years.

Are ceramic knives cheaper than the steel ones or vice versa?

Spending a lot of time on the knife market, seekers find that the ceramic knives are in sales with a variation. They could be available for numerous in colors and patterns. But when mentioning to the diversity of functions, it seems to be a disappointment.

In term of reasons for the lack of diversity, a complicated production along with costly materials imported overseas are the biggest causes. Hence, not many knife – making brands dare to try themselves with this kind of high – quality product. Consequently, the competition will be not high and then the expensive is obviously.

On the opposite side, the steel knife brings shopper with a plenty of choices. From the size, shape to the quality or composition, all of them are not the problem at all. Honestly, you even can find out the best custom knife makers for such material without challenges.

These variations have influenced the price of the products. A knife with the steel blade for multi functions will be exactly more expensive than the products with only one function. But, of course, the price tag of the steel knives will never make the same shock for buyers like the ceramic ones have done.

It’s time to make decision

For the battle of the ceramic vs steel knife, it is hard to say which one is better. The first product is common thanks to its super high quality but the high price. And the popularity of the second one comes not only from its quality but also easy use and maintenance as well.

Suppose that you are keen on journeys to the wilderness for hunting, camping and more. It is highly recommended for you to own a steel knife. If you are not that kind of person, a set of ceramic knives may be ideal for your usage. In such cases, expensive products will promise to meet your expectation.

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