What Does Coyote Taste Like? Cook Coyote Easily With US

Coyotes (also known as prairie wolves or wolf wilderness) is a breed that is closely related to wolves and dogs. They are distributed in North America. This is predatory animals living in herds in small quantities, they have a more slender appearance grey wolf, but they are agile and resourceful in their prey and predators are skilled and respected on the Prairie North America.


In terms of size, coyotes have a small size, it is only the size of a small dog in Southeast Asia, with a body size from 9-22 kg, 14 kg average. On the surface, they look very slender and agile, with a narrow snout, pointy ears.

Coyotes are predators resourceful, very designer and intrepid hunters, coyotes also known as very intelligent animals and have the ability to adapt very well so even the living in the wilds of North America are harsher but the coyote continued to grow strongly to this day in places where they are present.


Wolf hunting is the practice of hunting, but the wolf that especially the grey wolf, mainly aims to entertain, from the skin, protecting livestock and in some cases is to protect human.

In North America, the majority of the hunter-gatherer society American native, coyotes are often killed for their body parts for use in rituals, or to stop them raiding food warehouses man when the wolf population has become too big for the natives to live with them. Native Americans were aware of the danger of wolves

coyotes usually live in grasslands, forests, deserts, mountains and tropical ecosystems in North America, so you can hunt them in those places.

What does coyote taste like?

Depending on the age and type of food they eat, the taste of meat coyote can be seriousness, soft or chewy.

Their meat fishy and chewy meat than dogs, flavoured pale, unlike the wild boar and wild pig market, it chewy and delicious, especially because living in the North by the climate of often very cold winter, do for hunting and firmer meat processing a lot of dishes. so, if you hunt coyote in winter, you will definitely get a coyote meat meal attractive.


Their meat is also good for your health than the meat of domesticated animals such as cattle, sheep or pigs for the meat of wild animals with less fat and cholesterol.

Can you eat coyote meat?

Wolf meat is very tasty, but not everyone can eat.

Coyote meat is a favourite food of the inhabitants of the steppes, they hunt for wolves to protect livestock and protection from their attacks on humans, so when they hunt, they will bring food processing.

However, there will be some people who do not eat meat coyotes.

People with cardiovascular disease, hypertension, gout, diabetes, because coyote meat contains high protein, with sick people eat wolf meat as above if more will suffer, making the disease more severely by excess uric acid levels.

People with heart disease should not eat coyote.

People with heart disease should not eat coyote.

Pregnant women, people with cancer, people or rashes, pimples or temperamental person should not eat coyotes because it is very harmful to the health and makes the disease worse.


– Because the coyote meat to be “heat”, with those who eat meat, try eating wolf on rainy days, cold, fall and winter because warm, delicious and more profitable, so if you have plans to hunt coyote,  you had better go hunting in the winner.

– Meat coyote also taboo to many different dishes, especially meat goat because wolf thanked properties, thermal popularity goat, when two things come together will produce real evidence, indigestible food, will integrate heat, born diarrhoea.

Meat coyote cooked with garlic is not good for health

Meat coyote cooked with garlic is not good for health

– Abstinence from meat eating garlic because of garlic taste coyote Modern, very spicy, heat popularity. Fasting with sweetheart buffalo, welding properties. Both of which contrast with the wolf meat, eat and easy birth if abdominal pain and diarrhoea.

How to cook coyote meat?

About a prairie dog meat, there are hundreds of ways of processing, here are a few of the current common processing.



Barbeque is the most common way of processing the North American people in particular and people like to eat coyote general. this may mean that the processing or use of wolf hunting because it is quick, non-fussy but delicious flavour.

Brushes are the most delicious meat along 2 sides wave back (loin), sliced up and then mixed sliced marinated in spices. When roasted spicy scent plus leaching will be scorched feathers blend into each streaks meat reinforces unforgettable flavour.



The roast is also a way that hunters used when hunting coyotes. Meat will, of course, be turned up fragrant and delicious than grilled meat coyote, however, this way takes more time and effort, more processing tools, causing difficulties in moving for hunters.

Firstly, to a semi-processed wolf, followed by spices marinated for about 1 hour, then brought up and returned fire, until its skin becomes crispy and turn yellow as can enjoy.

Primary processing and preservation of meat coyote, then brought home use.

The first thing is we have our intestinal surgery. The process of harvesting and disposal of coyote offal meat cold start to cool as quickly as possible. For small coyote, we can put it on the trailer or any means of transportation to the camp or go home and hang them to continue the process of cooling our cool before peeling off the skin and start the process cut the beast into pieces.

Handling and storage of meat coyote to not broken

Handling and storage of meat coyote to not broken

For the coyote has a large size, after removal of the head and skin, their meat is cut up into pieces and then packaged and stored in the freezer for storage. To prevent the freezer can “heat” meat, hunters use a small machine for vacuum bags before being packaged meat careful with the heat.

There are a few dishes you can refer to meat from hunting coyotes:

-Meat grilled coyote:

Material: Meat coyote, fat water, soy sauce, turmeric, pepper, lemon grass, fish sauce, basil, parsley.

Processing Procedures: Choose meat in the chest, back and abdomen, moderately thin sliced marinated for at galangal, lemongrass crushed, water technology, cool, early soy sauce to soak for several hours, then start the grill, cooked it and served with basil.

-Meat roasted coyote:

Materials: Meat coyote, salt, soy sauce, lemongrass, pepper.

Processing Procedures: you just spicy chicken thigh meat into coyote about 1 hour, then for nine rotating the pan that you can enjoy.

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