Edge Pro and Wicked Edge – Which One is the Best?

It is said that you are less dangerous to cut yourself with a sharp knife than you have a blunt knife. However, when you want to cut other things that are solid and a bit hard, a sharp knife is the best choice.

You will have a sharp knife in the first place of purchasing, but this is probably blunt for the time of using. In this situation, you need to use a ground equipment. Edge Pro and Wicked Edge are one of the most popular grinding tools; however, which one is the best grinding tool for sharpening a hunting knife?

An overview of Wicked Edge

Wicked Edge has 8 diamond stones with different sizes of the grit that used for the precision and adjustment of a blade. It also contains a brace to support the flexibility of sharpening of the blade.

If you are a newbie of sharpening knives, Wicked Edge ought to take much time getting used. However, once you get it on hand, you can feel it is easy and comfortable to use.

In the Wicked Edge, it has a center vise which fastens the knife and arms with the attached guides to help you control the angle of the knife accurately. When the angle is set, you enable to touch your knife and sharpen it slightly.

The Wicked Edge also has two stones in order to help you sharpen each side of the blade at once.

Things I like the Wicked Edge

  • You are able to wrap more strokes in a shorter time.
  • It is steadier to use the tool because the blade is in the lock.
  • Thanks to the diamond stones, you will prevent scratches on the blade and clean it easier.

Things I do not like the Wicked Edge

  • The equipment has a thin and long blade which is a daunting task for users because it does not have strong support.
  • You may not sharpen the blade below the 13-degree angle which gets sharpening limited.
  • The price is a little bit expensive.

How about the Wicked Edge Pro?

The Wicked Edge Pro is also called the Edge Pro’s water stones are built to prevent slipper surface and messy oil stones. It will be endurable and you will also save lots of bucks for a while of using.

If you have used many sharpening devices but you failed, then you could try the Wicked Edge to solve your problems. This is an ideal device for re-profiling and it can change the stones easily.

Things I like the Wicked Edge Pro

  • The equipment has a blade support, so you will feel comfortable and flexible of the blade.
  • The device is very solid because it has a panasive to allow you can lock in the right position in the table or other countertop surfaces.
  • The patented ramp system allows the wear and tear of the stones.
  • It cannot secure the blade
  • The tool does not leave edges after using.

Things I do not like the Wicked Edge Pro

  • Sometimes, the manual system requires you take time and effort to use before you gain a consistent angle.
  • The tool probably has some blur in the whetstones because it makes more prone to scratches.

Main ways to sharpen your knives

Use knife sharpening systems

There are several knife sharpening systems that you can see on the current market such as EdgePro Apex Kit 4, KME Precision Sharpening System, Wicked Edge and Wicked Edge Pro, etc.

Try the freehand knife sharpening on water stones

The sharpener equipment uses whetstones to grind the blade metal and make a sharp edge without receiving any device. In other words, there is not any angle stabilizer in effect. It has the muscle memory only.

Think of other utensils that support the sharpener

Other tools that support the sharpeners also have a lot such as Spyderco Sharpmaker, Lansky Sharpening system. These could have belt sharpeners and wheels which enable to make a sharp knife at all.

Benefits of using sharpening systems over electric sharpeners

Knife sharpening requires reducing a small amount of material from the blade. The knife will last longer when you can remove more materials. This is one of the reasons experienced users do not prefer electric models. They often want to remove more metal at the speed.

Furthermore, electric sharpeners allow a couple angle settings only. If the angle of a sharpener is not suitable for the angle of your knives, the first sharpening will get rid of an amount of material.

This process is called re-profiling. Most electric products work like this to one degree or another. They are made to work with various knives as this is a great accuracy for flexibility.

Most knife makers create their blade angles on the strength of the steel used; it could be bad for durability and the strength of the blade.

The Edge Pro electric is an example of the electric model that supports a tremendous deal of flexibility in choosing your angle. However, this tool cannot match the flexibility of these rod and stone sharpening systems.

One of the most crucial factors in the grinding process is making a stable edge. Then, consistency factor balances to durability.

When a knife has the durability, you have less time to sharpen it and you can extend the life expectancy of a knife.

Particularly, consistency is the point sharpening systems display themselves from other products on the today’s market.

If you are going to use the sharpening system, then you could select Edge Pro and Wicked Edge to save lots of things for the upcoming time.


When seeing Edge Pro and Wicked Edge, you should make a small comparison between them by yourself. These toolkits are reliable, fast, ease of use when sharpening the high-end quality of knives as well.

Please note that when you take into account many sharpeners, flexibility and durability are the most important factors to draw attention to. Then, you should look for other points like your budget and your needs.

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