Esee 4 vs. Esee 5 Review and Comparison

Esee knives have been one of the most well-known curtlers in the USA and over the world for a long time. It has the strong reputation of quality, guarantee, and functions. Most of the users believe in using the product from this manufacturer; the also give a lot of positive feedback on some selling website. In spite of less versatility, it can be used in most contexts and design for cutting, chopping, slicing and piercing.

Both of these knives are fully tanged; it means that the blade extends broadly, the solid and very strong piece of steel from the top to the end of the blade so that the tang will get less risk of breaking. One thing is considerable; the tang is visible in all the way, so it is not the best choice for the cold climate areas.

General information about Esee 4 and Esee 5

Esee 4 review

This model is the product range equivalent of the Ontario RAT 36. It was produced before the Esee 6 and is the closest knife which can become a bush crafting knife. It works well for many tasks such as chopping, cutting, preparing foods and carving wood as well.

It comes with two steel variants, the one is 1095 and also 440C stainless steel. You can trust that 440 C is one of the high-end steels which is hard to be resistant. The knife’s blade is flat and has the curved distal tapering with the distinct angle at each point from the edge grind. Esee 4 has the thumb jimping , and especially, the intended choil for your index finger to alleviate more detail works.

Besides, it also has the orange G10 handle. Its sheath is simpler than Esee 5 and six just a simple plastic but still work well. The retention strap is secured by the velcro instead of the button. The lanyard hole is designed simply for thumb jimping.

Brief in formation

Total Length: 9.0″ / 22.9cm

Blade length: 4.5″ /11.4cm

Cutting Edge Length: 4.1″ / 10.4cm

Thickness: .188″ / 4.8mm

Weight : 226g

Finish: Textured powder Coat

Grind: Full Flat Grind

Steel & Hardening: 1095 Carbon or 440C Stainless Steel, 55 – 57 Rc.

Spine: Thumb jimping

Handle: Removable Linen Micarta

Sheathing: Ambidextrous molded sheath

Others: Rounded pommel, lanyard hole and drop point blade style.

Esee 5


This model is different from Esee 4 and six much; it is a stocky, brutal and hairy uncle who is afraid to meet. It can walk through a brick wall with no slowing down. It was similar to the product Ontario RAT 75. It is created as the aircrew knife which meets tougher demands. It is said that more like the axe than the knife for delicate bushcraft job. It chops strongly but does not carve well. Besides, the staggering thickness without real tapering of the blade so it can be used for prying without risk of breaking.

Its blade has saber grind and does not have an intended choil for the index like Esee 4 and 6. However, it still can be used comfortably by the index in front of the grip. On the left-hand side of the grip has the divot which you can use for creating fire using the bow drill. It also works well without causing damage.

Also, the pommel can be used as the glass breaker to smash cockpit window or car. It is designed pointedly and strong. The sheath has the tension screw that could be slid up to lock your Esee five into the sheath. Thus, it is impossible to fall or be pulled out.

Brief information

Total length: 11.0″ / 28cm

Blade length: 5.25″ / 13.3cm

Thickness: .25″ / 6.3mm

Weight: 454g

Steel: 1095 Carbon Steel or  55-57 Rc

Finish: Textured powder coat

Grind: Saber

Spine: Thumb jimping

Handles: Adjustable canvas micarta

Sheathing: Ambidextrous molded Kydex sheath

Features: Glass breaker and bow drill divot


Both of these Esee knives can be held in any grip, so it makes them easy to combine and work with the variety of reversed and inverted grips. The standard is made of 1095 stainless steel which is texture powder coated to protect against from corrosion. As you know, 1095 is the good steel and has the high edge while still is easy to sharpen. Although it was difficult to be corrosive, you should sharpen and take care it frequently.

Their blades all have the spine with grooves which is for thumb jimping. Hence, you can use your thumb to press down along the spine of the blade when you carve. They have the same plain or serrated edge sharpened at 20 degrees each side.

Differences between Esee 4 and Esee 5

The handles on Esee 5 is made of micarta which is comfortable for use than Esee 4. Esee 4 has distinct intended choils for the index which is less in the Esee 5. In Esee 5 the pommel is designed to be used as the glass breaker while it is round in Esee 4. Besides, the sheaths of Esee 4 is made of seemingly less durable plastic, but in esee5 it makes of the Kydex. You can carry it in your pack or your belt in the variety of ways that can be set up for the right and left handed users. These sheaths are not the most perfect but utilitarian, durable and not easy to be loose.

It is easy to see that the see 5 is much longer than the Esee 4 by 6 cm. Esee 5 weight doubles the Esee 4 weight. Along with the thickness of Esee, four is lower than its Esee 5. Therefore, Esee 4 is the best choice for those who love the light and slim knife.

In conclusion, both of these knives are the best knife on the market today; it has the different great features. You should think carefully before making a selection. I hope that my article can help you pick up the right knife to use. Enjoy your day!


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