How Far Can You Hear The Gun Shot

Practicing, of course, is very important to all the shooter, but the sound of the gun is really annoying. Lessening the gunshot sound is extremely necessary when you have nice neighbors and do not want to disturb them.

So what is the exact distance the sound might travel? And if your land is appropriate for you to increase the accuracy before you use the gun in a particular situation. This articles will help you to answer those questions and reason it clearly for you.

The type of gun you use

If you use a different type of the gun, you can realize that the noise gun causing might be various. This is made by the type of the bullet used for each type of gun, the amount of sound can reach to your ear might be various as the gun you use.

The design will be a great factor for the sound the gun making while you pull the trigger. Differ type of the gun will have the difference in the sound. Besides, the secret of the weapon of each firearm manufacturer can change a lot in the sound of the gun.

How far we can hear gun shot -alt

For a normal gun, the sound can be in the range from 140 to 190 dB depend on the type of the provider and type of the gun.

With a shotgun, the sound can be about 145 to 165 dB. Meanwhile, the 9mm handgun can produce the sound around 160db. Also, the noise from a rifle can roughly 140 dB.

These number might make you confusing, but you can imagine by comparing it with the other sound. If you have ever heard the sound of the heavy chainsaw, it might reach to 100 dB, or the thunder is about 120 dB. So, you can estimate the loudness of the gunshot basing on that.

However, it is hard to say the exact how far the sound can travel because there are a lot of variables to give out a number.  The caliber, barrel length and the other characteristic of the gun can make it is impossible to give out the correct answer for all the situation

The terrain

Now you might realize that there is no way except firing a gun to know for sure. But where to shot the firearm might cause the different. And, in some situations, you can take advantage of the terrain if you want to deaden the noise of the gunshot.

  • The hill

When you are surrounded by walls of hills, the sound from the firearm will dramatically decrease when the bullet gets out of the barrel. The higher the hills, the less likely the sound can reach far outside your land and make your neighbor feel irritating.

As the sound is a type of wave, it transmits through the air. The Hill can play as the heavy object to reflect the sound back. Then the resonance of the gunshot will be decreased and might not upset the neighbors.

Though you live in the place there is not a lot of mountains as well the hill; the wall can give the same effect. You might not realize that the wall can be the barrier for the gunshot sound, prevent it from getting far and annoying other people.

  • The trees

Trees are what you can really when you want to cut down the traveling distance of the sound. Especially gunshot, while the leaves of the trees, with the slippery surface, can be a good material to reflect the sound.

The trunk and branch can take the responsibility of dampening the sound. In other words, if you live near woods, it will be soundproof for you to prevent the sound when firing the gun.

However, this does not single trees can help in this case, it can only deaden the noise of gun when there a large amount of them.

Therefore, you should just hope the loudness be decreased when you in the forest or you have a house in the thick woods. This will shorten the traveling way of the sound.

Weather and climate

This is the hardest for you when deciding how far you can hear the sound of the gunshot. As the weather change, every season and the climate is various from place to place.

  • The wind

Going along the wind is always easier than against the wind. The sound can transmit better when the wind supports it. In the case, you want to lessen the exploding sound when you pull the trigger, try to shot against the wind direct.

For each season, the wind will follow a direction; you can base on that to lessen the volume of the sound. If you do not know the direction of the wind, a flag can do that.

Another thing with the wind is it will prevent you to hear the gun shot. The windy area will make it harder for you to hear anything, thus, hearing the gun shot also harder than in the usual case.

  • The raining or snowing

Those weather condition might happen quite often in some place and cause a lot of difference for each person. On the other hand, it might be a good factor to decline the sound level.

In the rain, it is easy for you to understand that the sound of the heavy raining can make it difficult to realize the gunshot. The snowing does not cause any sound. Nevertheless, the difference is the snow can absorb the sound.

But you might see that this is not a great factor in the weather might also prevent the gun user from getting outside. But it will be okay if you only want to do little exercises, it will be the appropriate time to prevent the noise of the gunshot.


It is a tackling question to answer gunshot sound travel distance, and can not have the right or wrong answer for this one. However, you can still lessen the noise of the sound by make use of the terrain as well weather and other factors to ensure that sound does not disturb your neighborhood.

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