How long can Ammo Be Stored in a Magazine

Everything in the world also survives the objection, so they only survive for a long time or short time. Rarely anything can survive forever in the world even the human because of original rules, similar the ammo is the same everything although the high metal made it.

The bullet is one of the factor creates the success for the gunner. The quality of the ammo is necessary to store, but what should you do to save your bullets for a long time? It seems that it is not easy to reply, is not it? If you would like to find the answer, we can help you immediately.

How Long Can Ammo Be Stored?

10, 30-40, 50-60 they are also impressing number for storing ammunition because they always was produced to high technology for army’s purpose. So, it is not easy to damage the ammunition unless you mean remove them or not use them anymore. Of couse, only when do you preserve them in good condition, their quality will not become reduce time by time.


There is a factual story about a solider in US in Irag war in period 1 in 1991.  He was responsible for ammunition and dessert storm. He said 5.56 which were made in 16th century, used by all of the soliders. They were using 30 years old, and they still get a good condition like the first time which they were produced. It is a factual story which I listened.

Structure of the bullets is very well; however, they can be changed day by day because of objective and subjective elements. Thus, if you would like to store your ammo for a long term, you should need to follow tips below. Surely they are useful for your ammo.

How to store ammo in a magazine

Choosing safe environment

What do you think about a suitable place to lay all of your bullets? You will put it near to the bathroom, kitchen room or the others same too. You try to do it as if it is no matter for your ammo, but it is incorrect since some outsiders’ element can damage ammunition. They cause directly affection to ammunition.


So the best environment to stored ammo is a place which is safely darker and cooler. Avoiding the moisture and the high temperature because they are enemies, accumulating ammo whenever. Moreover, you should put them in place which is large enough to contain all of them, and it does not lay them high moisture nearly area such as bathroom or kitchens room.

Also, you also lock tightly this room to prevent the children from the ammo because of their mischievous. And make sure that you have to clear up around area daily to keep clean space for ammunition. So this is the first step for storing ammo safely and efficiently on the others situation.

Remove ammo’s enemies

It is evident that moisture always makes many negative influences for everything, and the bullet no an exception. The moisture is benefited environment to the bacteria increased. Thus, to keep your ammo finish long term you should rid of moisture attacking them, and choosing the most suitable place to arrange ammo. Remember that moisture is the biggest enemy of the metal, one of them is the bullet.


Surely you learned chemistry at your school. You are aware of reaction in chemistry, and therefore when moisture and metal combine that inevitably, the reaction will happen and creat a different element. It is the main reason why you do not use anymore. That preventing moisture from ammo is necessary.

Besides the humidity, heat from the rest of light is the second biggest enemies of ammo. So we advised you do not lay ammo at Lightroom. Temperature is so high or low that it also effects to ammo directly and make a change about material ammo. You should keep suitable temperature not to make influence to ammo.

Equipment for contains ammo

To accumulate the bullet for the long term, you need to find holding equipment firmly. That metal container or metal boxes is the first choice for storing ammunition. Besides, Pelican also appropriate to keep all of them perfect a long term. Both of metal container and Pelican was used commonly in the world.



  • First, metal container is watertight and airtight to store ammunition. And you make sure that no hole or something like that on the surface of the metal container so as that nothing can attack into this. Moreover, you should choose the container, having ensured latch, handle. It is extremely tight not to air, water, insects, and bacteria move inside.
  • Second, Pelican is the type of the container which its quality alway make insurance. Therefore price is higher than the other tank in the market. Surely quality and price are parallel together with any situation. The product was delivered on strong demand for technology and technique so that it will become more expensive. But you will not regret to buy them because its price is worth to quality.

Prevent moisture

We are aware of ammo’s enemies which one of them is moisture, so how to prevent moisture? In fact, there are a lot of tips to reduce or rid of moisture to ammo; however, to find the best tool for your ammo is the silical gel that it can absorb humidity away. You can search for any box clothes, or you can buy them at the grocery or clothes shop. Gel becomes familiar to everyone. You can use some moisture remover pack to place in gun safe or ammo box.


After you put the bullets into the box or Pelican, you make a small blank at the mid of the container to lay the gel at this. Put them clear up as you can; someone uses baking soda to absorb humidity. Nevertheless, this way is rare to use.

Age of ammo

It depends on many factors both of objective and subjective elements, and one of them is the way you store them. So, carefulness preparation is survival items or not of ammo’s age. Usually, it can keep on the light for a long time. It may be a decade or more, thus the first you need to do, stored them following above steps. You will see its affection if you make correctly, and you should pick equipment suitable most to save ammo.

By this way, you can reach the age of ammo increase longer and longer time. Do not make yourself in doubt, and you search way which one of above way to make sure that it is the most efficient to your ammo.


I hope that you will find the best stored for bullets, and you can answer above question how long can ammo be stored? Moreover, you are satisfied with this article and involves information. Also, you saved ammo safely by some suggest above.

During the time we provide information on this page, still do they survive many mistakes if you are not pleasant to any theme on this page or you discover any detail without fact, you can give your comments below. Then, we ensure that they can improve and fix all of them. On the other hand, if you see that article make you comfortable, so you can like and share to everyone you know to they are more understood how long can ammo be stored

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