How Much Does An Elk Weight? Boned Out/Dressed out

Maybe you watch many programs which concern about elk, and you can search a plenty of images of elk or wapiti; however, you are aware of the first elk, is well-known species by the largest weight in deer family in the world. The appearance of elk is evidence which is an expecting secret number for many hunters who are amused at catching elk.

North American and eastern Asia is the primary region where elk are living these. Besides elk is the largest mammal in the land at here. Although elk and moose are the same deer family, you should distinguish between moose and elk. In fact, moose is much larger than elk. The weight of moose is twice as many as elk.

Elk always becomes a focus for the hunter when they join any big or small game because of incredible weight. Moreover, the meat of elk gives some value for people and the other wild animal. There this article will help you find the result of question: How much does an elk weight?

Weight of elk

The weight of elk depends on habitat where they are living, food resource, environment, climber, and the aspect. Therefore, each of elk living in the other place they will become difference weight. It is the reason that there are many large elk and small elk; however, we still have an overall statistic weight of elk from they born to they are mature.

How much does an elk weight

How much does an elk weight

It is quite individual between male and female of their weight. Always, the bull is larger than cow both of weight and length. Indeed,  a bull have a special feature which is antler; Also, antlers make the weight of bull higher than the cow with 18 kilograms (40 lb). And this is a sign to realize between bull and cow.

A calf is about between 15 and 16 kilograms ( 33 and 35 lbs). When they are mature age, it is the time their weight change following the gender, habitat, and the food resource in the place they are living. Indeed, the mature bull will have an average from 320 to 331 kilogram (705 to 730 lbs). Ensure, the cows, always are less weight which is about 225 to 241 kg (496 to 531 pounds).

Largest subspecies elk

The largest elk which is Roosevelt elk, found in some union of united state such as California, Oregon, Washington, Canadian. They are the biggest subspecies of elk. Especially, in Alaska where the greatest bull discovered weight expecting pressure that reaches 600 kilograms (1,300 lb), and weight of cow is 300 to 544 kg (573 to 628 pounds).

Some mature bull weight reach to1300ib (600 kg). This is a perfect weight for an elk.

The smallest subspecies elk

Beside a plenty of Elks are enormous in North American or eastern Asia and the other country in the world. Seldom do people the smallest bodies race of elk is Tule elk. They are a subspecies of elk which living in California with the weight 170 to 250 kilograms (370 to 500ib).

Carcass of elk

The meat of elk always is a value food resource for both of people and the other predator like lion tiger. Since their meat is richer nutrients than beef and chicken. Therefore hunting elk become a focus of many hunters in the big game. Perhaps some people wanted to know some field dressed weight and boneless meat.

Normally, field dressed weight is twice as much as boneless meat to both of male and female. It is clear that at the table below which we research from reliable information. When you read the complete statistics on the chart, you could choose a right way by yourself.

Elk hunting tips that you should know

Hunting time

Morning, afternoon, evening, even midnight are the time when Elk eats grasses, plants, leaves, and barks in the valley between the mountain or rocky mountain. It is the benefit time to hunt elk.

Besides, you should catch up them, and the autumn is an excellent season because of rutting activity. According to resource information of hunter ‘s experience, the said that the time is August and September is the convenient time to hunt any elk.

Special ways for hunting an elk

There is an unusual way to have an elk, but you don’t need to spend a plenty of your health. By this way, you can use the sound which likes the member ‘scream in their family. You have to use your throat to make the sound that is small and loud depend on the part of your throat, and almost it is your object stronger. Especially, that look like the scream of elk in dangerous. Only when do attracting the concentration of elk. And then you only wait they approach you instead of you have to find them.

Beside that you stimulate their sound and then knock down them. You can use the weapon to hunt them. If you want to have a big elk, you should be suitable for your caliber of ammo when you join a game. Also, you also choose the scope which is near enough to shoot. And then you can take your aim and fire away.

Beside some above equipment, you should bring a field-grass by yourself. It is essential to use when you focus elk.


Elk is the largest species in the deer family, so eight of elk always as large as their appearance. Also, hunting elk is favorite of many people in the world because of their value.

We hope that after you did this article you prepare for the game immediately, also we still expect you and all of the hunter have benefit time to hunt. Moreover, we hope that all of above information can help you to have knowledge about how much does an elk weight.

We will become better if you can give us your comment, and then you can share or do anything if you want to do. If yo can discover anything that you considered that it is not enough or incorrect, you will give us your complain or the others your opinion. As a result, we will change and more and more finish this article.

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