How To Get Rid Of Magpies in Garden, Roof and Balcony

Before finding out how to get rid of Magpies, let us research about the characteristics and descriptions of them. Magpie is a kind of bird living in Europe, much of Asia and northwest Africa. It is similar to the crow family, so they are considered to be able and ferocious birds. They attacked plenty of other birds, even the people walking or bicycling.

Magpies are about 40- 45 cm in length. Their head, neck, chest are glossy black with a metallic green and violet sheen, the belly and scapulars are white, the wings are black glossed with green and purple and the primaries have white inner webs, conspicuous when the sides are open. The graduated fail is black, glossed with green and reddish purple. The legs and bill are back.

Also, males weigh 210- 272 g (7.4-9.6 oz) while females weigh about 182-214 g (6.4-7.5 oz). Magpies prefer tall trees for their large nest. Moreover, they also nest mainly in the parks, even in the resident areas and in the cities where they become a significant danger to people living in.

Especially, for the large some Asia countries, magpies are seen as a symbol of great fortune, of strong spirit and a provider of prosperity and development such as in Korea, China, and so on. Besides, they also contribute to increasing the diversity of the ecological environment.

How to get rid of magpies

There are variety of the methods that you can apply in your daily life including even the presentation of the Magpies attacking you incidentally. If you were one of the victims that magpies assailed, you should use my useful tips to protect safely for yourself.

Cyclist wearing a helmet with “spike” toward off diving magpies

Magpie attacks can cause injuries, typically wounds to the head and being unexpectedly swooped while cycling can result in loss of control of the bicycle, which may lead to injury. So, a helmet being designed simply with spikes toward protecting your head from diving Magpies. Fortunately, you can buy a few spikes easily at supermarkets and stores in over the world, or you can be hand- made with many available materials in your house such as straws or small plastic bars which are easy to attach to a helmet.

Wear abroad – brimmed or legionnair’s hat or use an umbrela

A magpie defends its territory from a brown goshawk. If it is necessary to walk near the nest, wearing a broad- brimmed or legionnaire’s hat or use an umbrella will deter attacking birds, because Magpies always go for the highest point.  And you will have trouble. But beanies and bicycle helmets are little values as birds attack the sides of the head and neck.

Wear sun glasses on the back

Magpies prefer to swoop at the back of the head, therefore, keeping the Magpies in sight at all time can discourage the bird. A basic disguisesuch as sunglasses worn on the back of the head may fool the Magpies as to where a person is looking. Eyes painted on hats or helmets will deter attacks on pedestrians but not cyclists.


Attack a long pole with a flag to a bike

Cyclists can deter attacks by attaching a long pole with a flag to a motorcycle, and the use of cable ties on helmets has become extremely common and appears to be effective. With simple designs and easy installation, I sure you will be pleased with this way.

How To Get Rid Of Magpies

How To Get Rid Of Magpies

Inspect the area for nest

Magpies often nest in tall trees or small brush. So, you should inspect your yard and surrounding areas for nests. When appearing them, remove immediately before Magpies have a chance to lay their eggs. You had better put the nests to where are far from the resident areas and cities or dispose of the nests to prevent Magpies from reusing it for new nesting material.


 Cover food and garbage

When your pets have consumed some foods, if you forget to cover the redundant foods, many kinds of different birds will be attracted and migrate to areas containing it including magpies, even they can nest near where you live. Besides, they are also known to pilfer through open garbage cans searching for food. Make sure the trash cans are securely covered and dispose of waste in appropriate facilities frequently to avoid drawing in the birds.

Hand – feeding magpies

It didn’t believe that hand- feeding birds can prevent the swooping, but this was the truth. Birds will become accustomed to being fed by humans, although they are wild, will return to the same place looking for handouts. As a result, those people appear less of a threat to the nesting birds.


Other ways to avoid magpies attack

Firstly, pay attention around if you go for a walk through where plant a large number of trees. When birds attack you, it is more important that you must keep calm and rush away from the attacking bird, not to run. Especially, don’t turn your face back when the Magpies are approaching you.

How To Get Rid Of Magpies

How To Get Rid Of Magpies

Secondly, contact immediately or report to your local council about magpie information and problems when you see them at anywhere. Make sure that put dangerous noticed boards at where the Magpies have appeared before.

Finally, when you go bicycle through dangerous bird places, you had better get off and walk with your bike, because most of the accidents are falling from bikes, can lead to hundreds of serious injuries, even death.


In short, magpies are so intelligent and stand for the fortune, yet they also bring plenty of the troubles to not only people but also other animals. So, to avoid surprise attacks and severe accidents, you can refer my ideas. If you want to have questions, please write comments below, I will try to answer. Thank you for reading this post to learn how To Get Rid Of Magpies.

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