How To Trap A Porcupine In The Easiest Way With Trap Or Gun

Porcupines are lumbering, they are the third largest in the rodent family. You can see these animals in the Western and Northern of North America. They usually live in coniferous forest areas. Porcupines are not the fastest animals, but the hunters do not capture them easily. Porcupines are quite smart, and you have to make a special trap to catch them – that is the point. In this article, you will discover some approaches to capture porcupines. After that, you will know which way is suitable for you.

Some small porcupine catching tips

An overview of porcupines

A porcupine have more than 30, 000 quills that are share bristles of fused hair. These quills are their self – defense weapons. When another animal attack a porcupine, quills will detach, burrowing into the adversary’s flesh, and inflicting painful. These wounds can cause the dead. Normally, porcupines live in the western and the northern of North America. They live in the coniferous forest areas. They also move from prairie river bottoms to desserts or alpine tundra. They are rarely threatening animal unless they recognize they are dangerous.

How to catch a porcupine

How to catch a porcupine

Permission of catching porcupines

You have to recognize which area you can trap and shoot porcupines and which area you could not catch them. In this situation, you have to meet the local wildlife agency and check many legal points with them clearly. Furthermore, you have to get a license, and learning a training course to catch them. Do not be surprised with this point!

Making a plan

It is extremely important to make a detailed plan before doing something, especially catching an animal. You should draw question in your mind like what am I going to do with this animal if I catch it, how I am going to do it. If this is the first time you hunt a porcupine, you could knock the door of a wildlife agency for supporting.

Because it is not easy for an amateur animal trapper to realize how to get rid of porcupines. Porcupines are well – changed and it is hard to find for the novice trapper. A porcupine sleeping in a tree look like a crow’s nest or a squirrel’s.

The wildlife agency can give you some solutions, guide how to make a cage, consult the size of the cage, the habitat of porcupines, etc. Even though you get experience with this point, you still need their aiding. There are still dangerous points to carry out this mission, especially catching a porcupine by your own hands.

Choosing methods to capture porcupines

There are three main approaches to hunt a porcupine. You can use the cage, sacking and shooting them. No matter what way you choose, you have to study these methods smoothly.

Sacking a porcupine

If you are brave and strong enough, you can chose this way to have a porcupine. To put a porcupine into a large sack, you should wear weather gloves because the needles of porcupine affect your hand skin. After wearing gloves, you appeal the porcupine to these sacks. You may chose an extra pillow case or an old feed sack. When the porcupine comes to your sack, you nudge it with a stick. It is not safe than you might think because you can get hurt from the needles of them. Be careful to try the manual method!


Using a trap

In the second method, you can make two traps – conibear trap and live trap. When using conibear trap, you can not only catch porcupines, but also several critters. Porcupines will collapsed on the head and their necks. Once the release triggered, and it has broken on the head of them. If you feel uncomfortable to see a killed animal, you should not use conibear trap. Moreover, conibear traps are also dangerous for other pets in your house, if you put these traps in the yard. Therefore, you locate the trap carefully.

How to trap a porcupine

How to trap a porcupine

In the live traps, you put the vegetables (or fruits), and salt trick behind the cage, porcupines will use their sense of smell. Then, they will come to your cage. However, you should cover the bottom of the trap on the outside, and top of the cage by leaves and shrubs. Live traps are not difficult to make, and the dimensions of these traps are 11ft x 12 ft x 30 ft. You can ask the wildlife agency and they will guide you the technique of making a live trap.

Today, live traps made with lightweight in a professional way, but they are strong metal and wire. They have a sliding and locking front door which will close down when the porcupine triggered. You will carry and transport which have sliding and locking at the top of the cage easily. To be more protected, you could put into a plexi – glass cover for the cage if the quills are long enough to poke outside the metal cage.

How to catch a porcupine by trap

How to catch a porcupine by trap

Using a gun

If the wildlife agency approve to use a gun, you can catch porcupines by shooting. You could use a 22 – caliber or shotgun to keep porcupine populations down. Shooting the porcupine is similar other animals. It is very crucial to handle the gun in the right angle before shooting.

How to trap a porcupine by gun

How to trap a porcupine by gun

Porcupines are not threatening animals and they only attack humans when they have been no choice to find food because of their damaged ecosystem. If you are patient, you can catch porcupines in the human way.

Furthermore, you could relocate and have porcupines without problem. You can chose one in three methods above. However, it is safer for you to catch them by the tools (a cage, a gun, etc.). Experts recommend you chose the second or the third way, but you are the only one to know the approach to catch them that is available to you. Please keep in mind that you must have a license, gain knowledge about porcupines, and choosing the legal location to trap these animals. Hope that this post help you to know how to  trap a porcupine in the most simple way 😀

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