Hoyt Charger vs Bowtech Assassin: Finding The Best Cheap Compound Bow

Hoyt Charger vs Bowtech Assassin, which one is better for hunters with an average amount of money? It is hard to give the exact answer as each of them has different pros and cons. They can’t fit all of us, but they still meet the need of a number of hunters. Through this review and comparison below, we hope you find out which one will be your investment.

The two bows are made to be affordable to lots of customers, and they are doing very well. None of them are so much better at any aspects. Overall, if you want a smooth drawing bow, the Charger is the way. If you need faster arrow’s speed and lower price, go for the Assassin. But there are a lot of other features that defines the two very good bows.

The Hoyt Charger review

The Hoyt is a giant in the bowtech industry. They are well-known for their signature smooth drawing bows. The Charger isn’t an exception. Although it doesn’t score so much in any categories, it still surprises you with smooth and comfortable experiences.

This comes from the Charger’s Parallel Splitlimbs system. It allows you to adjust the draw weight from 30 to 80 pounds with 10-pound increments. This is an amazing range of bow adjustment.

Although flexible, the design is still very reliable. Made from reliable materials, the limbs can withstand the pressure of high usage. Even the small details like limb pockets are made to increase the performance. These ProLock pockets hold the string as tight to the limb as possible to increase your accuracy. All the parts are light in weight, so that don’t affect the accuracy. AlphaShox dampener removes any after-shot vibrations and prevent the bow from shaking.

Between the two limbs lays the riser. A reliable riser is vital for a bow as it is the core which connects every part together. The Charger won’t disappoint you. Made from the brand’s exclusive TEC LITE technology, the riser is amazingly durable. Its weight is only 4 pounds. You won’t feel hand fatigue when using the bow too long. StealthShot string suppression technology is integrated to the limbs to keep the bow more consistent.

The Charger has an arrow’s speed of 325 fps. It isn’t too impressive, but still reasonable for a low-cost bow. The bow comes with many options for packages. You can buy the bare bow with $499. Otherwise, you can have a full setup of the Charger, with other needed accessories with only $649. You are able to customize your weapon with 5 available colors.

Many hunters feel a little disappointed about the lack of whistle and bell in the Charger package. But it is too small to neglect those great benefits of this wonderful bow.

The Bowtech Assassin review

The Bowtech Assassin cost a little cheaper than the Charger, which is more welcome for us. But this doesn’t mean that it is less quality than its competitor. For the first time using, the bow will make you say “wow”. With an affordable price, it is amazingly good, as well as lightweight, flexible and fast.

The Assassin impresses me with the advanced eccentric system. The Binary cams are consist of two cams that work in tandem. If you make changes to one cam, the other will move accordingly. You can feel the consistency of this system, very reliable and accurate. You will never get cam timing issues again with this bow.The Bowtech Assassin offers a great flexibility that you can’t believe it is just a low-cost gear. You can adjust the draw length to any level between 26 and 30 inches that you feel confident with. Some will be afraid of heavy draw weight when coming to the 30 inches length, but don’t worry. With the let-off ranging from 65% to 85%, at the full draw, your bow will weight a lot lighter. Your shooting experience won’t be affected either when you are at 26 or 30 draw length.

Moreover, when you fully draw, the Assassin’s draw stop will touch the limbs, help to form a strong back wall. Changing the draw length is also quite easy. You just need to remove the screws, turn the rotating modules which control the draw length. After that, tighten the screws and here you have the desired draw length.

For the limbs, the Assassin uses Hardcore limbs. This is an advanced technology which is only applied on the high-end bows. It makes the limbs enough durable to get under any pressure.

The most special thing that comes with the Bowtech Assassin is the exclusive R.A.K system. It stands for “Ready. Aim. Kill”. This is a package containing a set of great accessories for ready-to-shoot. You can choose to buy the bow in this package and get a lot of good insides. The package often includes:

  • 4-pin TruGlo Apex Sight
  • 1-pc 5-arrow Camo Ultra Lite Quiver
  • Octane Hostage XL arrow rest
  • 4″ light stabilizer
  • Comfort Wrist Sling
  • Alloy Peep
  • Dura-FLX String Dampening
  • BCY String Loop

With these advanced accessories, you can begin the hunt right away without any cumbersome installation.

There are still flaws from the Bowtech Assassin. Many users said that they can feel uncomfortable noise and vibration after shooting. Although there is a string suppression system, it doesn’t work very well. In addition, the lack of camo in the sights and the stabilizer make it harder to hide the bow in the forest. This is vital for a successful hunting, but the Assassin make the mistake. Many people have to use other accessories that are optimized for hunting to replace, which is a big minus for the product.


Hoyt Charger vs Bowtech Assassin is an endless fight. Each of them has distinctive features and is good enough for any customers with an low budget. But if you’re looking for a perfect bow, you can still choose. The Charger has a smoother nad comfortable shooting experience, while the Assassin is more adjustable and cheaper. We hope you can have the right answer, or at least, an idea of your desire bow before buying.

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