Liner Lock vs. Frame Lock Review and Comparison

Pocket knives are the necessary item for every day using, and it is convenient to carry. When you want to buy a knife, there are a lot of factors that you need to care, especially it locking mechanism which is one of the most important parts. Thus, you should know what kind of lock you expect, type of lock may depend on your demands and preferences. In my page, I am going to show you two kind of knife lock which is the most popular nowadays. Besides, I will make the comparison between them that will helps you to get easy in giving a decision. I believe that after reading my article, you will discover the benefit of having knife lock and consider if the lock type is your option or not.

Line lock

Liner lock is one of the most common locks which appears mostly on folding knives. Its mechanism is characteristic components are the side spring bar which is located on the similar side as the blade’s sharp edge and the lining which is the inside of the handle. The spring bar is tight when the knife is closed. The tension slips the bar inward to create the contact with the blade’s butt and keep it firmly and prevent it from closing when the knife fully opened.

To lose the liner lock, you need to use your thumb finger to push the spring bar down so that it can clear contact from the blade’s butt. It allows using your index to push the blade enough. Thus, you can take your thumb out from the blade path and go on to close your knife safely.

The strength of use liner lock is that it allows a knife to have two handle side, it is not the same with the frame lock. You can close the knife by one hand with no switching grip which is ideal for the case that you need with hands on doing the job. There are both of entry level and high-end level knife on liner lock. The liner lock is the type of lock that can attract both of knife beginner and professional.

However, the problem is that liner lock is not as robust as another locking system, so it is hard for use with the heavy duty task. The reason is that it made from the thinner piece of metal, it is more prone to wear out compared to the frame lock. Thus, it is lighter than the other lock.

Frame lock

Frame lock can not be confused with the list of common knife lock. It seems to be the version of the liner lock. They look similar but in fact, they have a lot of differences. The frame lock instead of an internal spring bar, it’s part of the handle itself. As I have told you before, the frame is stronger than the liner lock, because the piece of the metal which slipped into place is much more substantial than its line lock. Due to some of the similarity between them, pushing down on the spring bar, so it does not block the blade’s butt, take out your thumb finger before fold the knife closed.


For this type of lock, the manufacturer puts a lot of portion of metal on the blade. Thus, it helps to ensure the strong lockup for slicing, cutting and some heavy duty tasks. It is seen in a lot of mid to upper range knives and made from titanium.

The first major function of the frame lock is that the handle’s portion moves to lock the blade tag. When you open the blade, you may see the left section of the handle is inward when the blade opens completely. This section of the frame lock is cut to engage the blade’s bottom under the pivot that prevents closing. To release the lock, you can easily push the lock back out of the way, and the blade tang will be released to allow you for folding.

Liner lock and frame lock comparison

Both of two models share the same size, and it looks similar too. However, when you use it, you will see a lot of distinguishing things between them. The most different point between them is the locking mechanism. We can easily to see that the liner has the locking liner and the another scale, so the mechanism position of the liner is different from the frame lock. When the tang clears, it snaps underneath it and prevents the blade from coming forward.

However, we have scale without the liner. On some frame lock, we will see the liner on the side but never on the locking side because the frame itself has the cut which is bent inward. Hence, it has the pressure, when the tang slides past it.

They both follow the same concept. However, the frame lock is stronger than the liner lock since they use more mental on frame lock so more force from the frame. The liner using less metal, so the price is lower than the frame one.

Some people said that the frame one is simpler which is nice but you sacrifice some features inherent in the liner one. Frame lock can solve some problems that do not exist with the frame locks. However, the liner lock is not squeezed due to the protection of the slabs. The handle can prevent over extension. The frame lock is simpler by sacrificing several features.

If you like the lock with lighter weight and not having to touch a lot of metal as well as adding grip, you should choose the liner lock. If you like some locks which are firm, heavy with metal, the frame one is the best choice for you.

Frame lock offers a couple of benefits which are more streamlined, and it can be better in gunky and dirty environments. Besides, it also benefits from the strength of the grip holding them very close. It is said that the frame lock is safer than the liner lock.

In conclusion, each type of lock has the different drawbacks and benefits. Hence, you should choose the one that can meet your needs and which make you feel comfortable when using. Trying to find out the information about the products and the suggestion of those who have experience in using this type to have the total view of the lock. I hope that you can get the useful information from my post. Wish you all the best!

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