Manix 2 vs paramilitary 2 – Which one should be your partner?

Originated from the Spyderco, Manix 2 vs paramilitary 2 keep showing outstanding features making knife seekers confused. For many users out there, the former may be better while others always appreciate the latter.

Manix 2 features

Patented USA quality along with Ball Bearing Lock™ are two points which you should pay attention to first for the Manix 2. Such design comes from the brand’s aim to make the lock robust but still easy to close and open. Besides, thanks to a hardened ball, it will be not challenging to rotate for traveling itself at all.

Another attraction of the Manix 2 lies in its blade. A combination of stainless CPM® S30V® steel, and high flat grind contributes perfectly to balance for both strength and shape. With the purpose of bettering a secure as well as avoiding an annoying grip, there are areas which match the jimping and choil.

Technically, to apply the mechanism of the Ball Bearing Lock™, the knife in general needs a support of the broad steel blade combined with a G-10 back scale. The tighter they are, the better the lock can work.

For more detailed about the G-10 spacer, it is a cage of polymer wrapping the ball. To make the knife open smoothly, a plunger plays a part in driving the ball forward the ramp. On the other hand, you just need to release the lock by pulling it back to let the knife steel line pivot. By the Ball Bearing Lock™, it does not require you to place your fingers near the edge of both opening and closing movement.

Additionally, there is an hourglass clip which is reversibly available on the Manix 2. Its role is to support not only the right carry but also the left one. Hence, the Trademark Round Hole and the particular ball lock mechanism can work well and optimize their function. Here is also an advantage for users who are ambidextrous on the way of searching for the best Spyderco knife.

Paramilitary 2 features

For the Paramilitary 2, it is not about the USA standard certification. It is also not about the Ball Bearing Lock™. The main identifications for such product are the principle of Constant Quality Improvement and a Compression Lock.

Unlike the kind of lock mentioned above, this shows a steel part which the Spyderco designers wedged between the tang and the pin for stopping. However, in term of working way, there is a similarity for both the Compression and the Ball Bearing Lock.

Most of the appreciation for the lock of the second knife focus on its strength, opening flexibility and favor for ambidextrous. But, it is impossible to avoid drawbacks such as the shortage of positive closing pressure and difficulty to disengage.

As an improvement from the last version, the Paramilitary 2 features a narrower G-10 handle. Therefore, inconvenient angles found when closing will not occur anymore because of the thinner edge of the handle along with the blade.

Once again, the CPM S330V is in use for the Spyderco to create the Paramilitary 2 with a nice flat blade. Along with the ground, the knife’s tip is also longer than other products from the brand. Then, they make sure that an extra jimping surface is included to the choil not only the spine but also the finger ones.

Manufacturers believe that the steel named CPM S330V is one of the best material for producing the knife blade. Its formation makes the edge sharper and tighter than ever. Exactly, in this steel, the existence of vanadium carbides is much more efficient than the distribution of chromium one.

The remarkable features regarding this knife do not stop here. One more thing so-called Bushing Pivot System has generated flexible actions as well as tolerances. And more options of carrying will be for you by a more significant lanyard.

A quick comparison for manix 2 vs paramilitary 2

The information above is brief knowledge about two knives from the same brand – Spyderco. Now, it is time to look back and wrap up for the best choice. For the blade material, both Manix 2 and Paramilitary 2 are from the CPM S330V. So, an assurance for the stainless and durable aspects is undoubted.

Moreover, due to applying the G-10 handle, two knives become more rigid and do not trouble when carrying. Regardless of the faults like the heavy weight, such handle kind still is outstanding with features including heat and abrasion resistance.

For the Ball Bearing and Compression Lock style, the first one seems to deserve to be a winner even if the other is also quite ok. Users find the Compression Lock’s weakness in its working.

As the opening, the lock will let you see a metal tab lying between the blade tang and the pin. It is the reason why the more you try to close the Paramilitary 2, the tighter the lock will be. If this case occurs many times, the lock will break, and the stop will tear.

Besides the negative point, in general, the Compression Lock is always greater than many other locks out there for the holding knives. But in the competition with the Ball Bearing Lock, unfortunately, it seems to get a lower stage. The Spyderco ultimately gives the Manix 2 a bonus point among the mass of folding knives.

On the other hand, according to technical measures, the Paramilitary 2 surely advantages over the competitor thanks to not only a thicker blade and the lightweight as well. Nevertheless, the numbers between these knives are not much different.

In closing, despite not belonging to a list of the best EDC knife under $50, the Manix 2 and Paramilitary 2 still deserve for the first choices of folding knives. Basing on features and comparison, it is highly recommended for you to pick the Manix 2.

Do not mention more to the same points of two like materials for the blade and the spacers. For the price, the Paramilitary 2 is nearly 1.5 times more expensive than the Manix 2 while the second product bears more attractive features, for example, the locking style. Therefore, in hesitation for the Manix 2 vs paramilitary 2, you should pick the former as your long-term partner.

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