Polarized vs. Non-Polarized Oakley: What should you get?

Oakley is a famous brand in the sunglasses industry and their products are greatly appreciated by customers.  Yet as with any purchase, your choice of products must be suitable to your and the condition that it will be used in. In this case, you need to consider whether you should buy a Polarized Oakley or just get a usual one. This is vital since you don’t want to pay a lot of money for an unusable and impractical stuff. So if you are in need of a comparison on Polarized vs. Non-Polarized Oakley, this article got just what you need.

Oh and in case you don’t know what a polarized lens is, think of it as a filter. When the sunlight is reflected by a reflective surface such as the sea and alike, it produces a fairly strong glare. The polarized lens excels at dealing with the glare and allows you to see comfortably.  To put it short, polarized lens minimizes the glare intensity and enhances the user vision. Working outdoors for an extended amount of time with non-polarized sunglasses can make your eyes feel tired very quickly. This won’t happen to a person that uses a polarized product.

To keep the glare to the minimum, polarized lens only allow the vertical light to go through it due to its laminated filter. Most, if not all, horizontal lights will be held back, therefore, eliminate the glare issue. That is how a polarized lens can help you deal with the reflected light.

Advantage and disadvantage of the Polarized Oakley

You may already know UV light emits from the sun is extremely harmful to your eyes. When you use a pair of sunglasses, the pupils of your eyes actually dilate and let more light to come in. You can develop certain eye sickness under prolong exposure like it so proper UV protection is essential. The non-polarized lens can reduce the sunlight intensity and work adequately as the basic shield but it can’t effectively neutralize the reflected glare. To be absolutely sure that your eyes are protected, getting the Polarized Oakley would be the best option

While it increases your vision and offers all-around protection, the Polarized lens did have several notable drawbacks. The first thing would be its expensive price tag. If you are shopping on a budget then your wallet won’t respond too well with the purchase of a Polarized Oakley. Reading and viewing on LCD/LED screen maybe troublesome sometimes but Oakley has considerably improved the issue with the help of technology. Instruments which already have an anti-glare coating could be hard to read through the Polarized Oakley lens.

Fogging is another shortcoming though it not exactly the biggest inconvenient to many people. In an environment with a high level of humidity, Polarized Oakley can fog up after some time in use

Non-Polarized Oakley is more suitable for you if

People work around or have to use equipment with LCD/LED screen should stick to the Non-Polarized Oakley. Text and image on such screen would appear much clearer through this type of lens compare to a Polarized one. However, the issue has been addressed in a couple Oakley products so you can get them if you wish.  The price tag of a Non-Polarized Oakley is usually more affordable than its Polarized version of the same model. But if reflected glare is not one of your main concern and you have a tight pocket, a Non-Polarized Oakley should be sufficient in most case.

When do you need a Polarized Oakley

The situation where a Polarized Oakley is the better choice is where reflected glare is a major problem. For example, if you decide to go fishing or stay near the water for some time, you shall encounter lots of glare and direct sunlight. With a polarized lens, you can see deeper into the water which normally impossible due to the reflective surface. It’s also come in really handy when you have to navigate your boat through unknown waters. You can easily spot underwater obstacle and fish habitat with the use of a Polarized Oakley

Besides the above, a long drive under the sun can be quite tiresome to your eyes, especially in the summer heat. Sunlight can be reflected by a variety of surface such as canopies and road sights into the driver’s face. It can cause a lot of discomforts and increase the eye fatigue or even distract you for a few critical moments. At worst, you may end up in a disastrous traffic collision solely due to glare blocking your vision. That is where a Polarized Oakley can be a useful thing to have around for combating reflected glare on the road.

Is a Polarized Oakley worth its cost?

To answer this question properly, you need to take into account your own needs and demands. An Oakley sunglasses can cost you quite a bit to get so it’s best that you are fully satisfied it. If eye comfort and enhanced vision are what you desire, an investment on a Polarized Oakley would be well-spent money. No more annoying glare that strains your eyes and blocks your view. Everything you see now will be under an acceptable light condition. Your eyes won’t have to frequently adjust themselves which minimize its fatigue.


And that is pretty much it, have you manage to make up your mind yet? Polarized vs. Non-Polarized Oakley, now that can be a tough decision to make if you have little knowledge about their functions and usages. So check the information and crosscheck them with your preferences of the ideal sunglasses. Don’t just buy anything on a whim because of its good look, think about how you are going to use it. Image the kind of issue you are going to face before deciding on a purchase. As long as you can do that, you can own a quality and effective pair of Oakley that brings you satisfaction.

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