Quest AMP Compound Bow Reviews From Expert

Light, quiet, solid black wall with average valley size, no flaws in the finish but noticeable shock, what else to expect or not to expect from Quest AMP bow? Find out in this Quest AMP Bow Review. This article offers everything you need to know about the Quest AMP bow.

The Quest AMP bow has been widely known for its speed and strength. It is favored by many hunters as it is powerful enough to take down any game animal in the range. Bowers also finds it attractive in the way they can smoothly draw the bow and hold on to shot. But that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. Let’s find out all of its pros and cons in this Quest AMP Bow Review.


Quest AMP Bow Overview


  • Durafuse finish
  • Forged machines 6061 aluminum riser
  • Limbsaver dampeners
  • Adjustable string suppressor
  • Rotation adjustable draw length cams


  • Draw length range: 26”-31”
  • Draw weight: 40 lbs-70lbs
  • Axle to Axle: 32”
  • IBO arrow speed: 340 FPS
  • Brace height: 7”
  • Weight: 3.9 lbs

Quest AMP Bow Review


The Quest AMP bow comes with 2 options for the finish – Jet Black or Real Tree Xtra. And I have to say that they are equally gorgeous, the bow has no flaw with the dura fuse finish. It has a great looking with great specs, to say honestly. Also, it has no problem with the riser, and it is very lightweight. However, a few people find that the lower limb near the cam is quite uneasy to clean. About the package, the Quest AMP bow does not come with many bells and whistles. The package includes a stabilizer, wrist sling, meta peep, rest, and sight. Among the components, it seems that the wrist sling and the sight are the most favored. In short, the Quest AMP bow is a slim bow with a flawless finish and top-notch appearance while remaining its guaranteed durability. You can use it as entry level compound bow.




This feature is what most people ranked it as a 5-star recommended bow. It performs like a speed bow, and its valley is adjustable with the limb stops. The reasons for its speed are that it is lightweight, it has a smooth draw cycle and a high-performance eccentric system. With the IBO arrow velocity of 340 FPS, the Quest Amp is performing impressively.


This bow is built on the forged machines 6061 aluminum riser, which offers more strength that can hold up any banging. The composite limbs also add more adjustability to the bow, along with the long limb bolts, the Quest AMP gives you the ability to adjust from 40 lbs to 70 lbs without having to replace the limbs. Additionally, the limb pockets are made of a strong plastic-type synthetic compound; they protect the limbs effectively while still allowing you to have some play with the bow.


Besides its high-speed and durable strength, its excellent accuracy is another thing that most users like about this product. The adjustable string suppression system significantly contributes to the accuracy of the bow in any bow hunting condition. With Quest AMP, there is seemingly no stretch or creep.

Draw functioning

One word – ‘Smooth’. It is the first thing you will ever notice with this bow, and it is also one of the most significant benefits that users commonly relish. However, there is a controversy around its valley, some say the Quest Amp rolls into a nice valley, some others say the opposite. It builds quickly and goes out early in the draw cycle. Also, the AMP tends to kick back into the shooting hand and have a slight clockwise rotation at the top when shot.


This aspect of the Quest AMP bow is a big minus point. Even though this bow is designed for hunting, it has significant vibration when shot. The noticeable shock can be easily recognized when there is no high-performance stabilizer or any form of dampening in use. In fact, the provided stabilizer is not quite appreciated, and the quiver mount is awkward. Having a shock absorber can make a difference, although it may cost you a little bit more.


The three-blade plastic prong is the only thing that is suspected to be noisy. Overall, the Quest AMP bow can be considered as a quiet bow. The rig does not come with much in the way of silencing equipment, even though it is designed to avoid the noise. Thus, we can say that the design is not really effective in this aspect. However, you can install the string silencers and limb dampeners for a higher performance of the bow.


First, let’s talk the string, most people don’t expect much about the string, but in fact, the Quest AMP bow has the exceptional quality threads. A bow hunter can average around 100 shots on this bow without having any peep rotation, stretch or cam rotation moving at all. Needless to say, the strings are solid, and they serve impressively. With the solid wall and the adequately firm grip, this bow should be praised for its durability.

Ease to use

The Amp is highly adjustable and easy-to-use. Its eccentric system helps drawing to be even more smooth and thus facilitates the hunters a lot in their aiming and shooting. Also, the rock solid riser and the R.A.D cams enable you to fine tune without a bow press. Besides being a recommendation for hunters with the mid-range budget, the Quest AMP is also an excellent choice for bow-hunting beginners and enthusiast.

Price range

You can purchase a Quest AMP bow for $400-$600. And of course buying the bare bow is more economical than purchasing the whole package. However, please note that having a bare bow cannot guarantee all of its features. For the maximum speed, durability, accuracy and overall performance. It is always recommended to purchase the ‘Design to Hunt’ package for about $100 more.


With its price range, the Quest AMP is delivering more than you can expect. It’s a good deal for all hunters yearning for a mid-range yet high-performance product. Although a noticeable downside can be seen in its stability, the Quest AMP should be still considered as a real bargain for the buyers’ side. Not to mention that this bow is gaining more popularity in the archery industry, the last time I’ve done a research on this bow review, people were saying Quest AMP is highly recommended, excellent, smooth, etc.


The Quest AMP bow seems to be one of the toughest bows with the best finish on the market. For a mid range bow for hunting or practicing purpose, this one should be considered. In fact, the Quest AMP fits most archery situation, and it can shoot the targets of all size. It is also compatible with both tree stand or ground blind hunting. Hope my article could give you a thorough investigation into the Quest AMP bow, thank you for reading.

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