A quick review between ESEE-3 vs. Izula 2

Traveling around on your free time is a great way to relax your and refresh your body after tenuous times at work. But no matter if you choose motorcycling or hiking as your preferred method, you always need to prepare yourself. One of many things that are utmost necessary for a trip on the road or in the forest is a cutting tool. A durable, compact and lightweight knife would be a wonderful choice for such an item. It will come in handy in a lot of situations and scenarios. And if you happen to be in need of one, this article got just the thing for you.

For outdoor travels, you need to make sure that everything you carry must be as useful and practical as possible. They must be simple, durable and effective at their jobs when you are far from the comforts of your home. When it comes to portable knifes, ESEE got great products that can match a variety of tasks and needs. If you are interested in checking some of them, you can find that right here. Below is a quick review between ESEE-3 vs. Izula 2, both are excellent slim, fixed – blade knifes for your consideration.

General specification


  • The entire length: 8.31 Inches (Standard Model) 8.19 Inches (Modified Pommel)
  • The blade length: 3.88 Inches
  • The maximum thickness: 0.125 Inches
  • The weight of the knife: 5.2 Ounces
  • The weight of the knife + sheath: 9.3 Ounces

Izula 2

  • The entire length: 6.75 Inches
  • The blade length: 2.63 Inches
  • The maximum thickness: 0. 156 Inches
  • The weight of the knife: 3.2 Ounces
  • The weight of the knife + sheath: 3.9 Ounces

From the figures above, you may see that the ESEE-3 is bulkier and heavier than the Izula 2. In the opposite, the Izula 2 got a higher maximum thickness of the two.  The difference in the dimension means that depend on the tasks and user preference, one may look more attracting than the other. While these knifes profile will have no trouble fitting in your front pant pocket, the ESEE-3 will be slightly more noticeable. It will also take up the entire pocket of your when the Izula 2 requirement for space is much lower.

As with any other ESEE knife, the ESEE-3 and Izula 2 employ 1095 High Carbon as the choice for blade steel. This is a very strong and high endurance material which performs well even in extreme conditions. Its ability to retain edge is good and relatively easy to sharpen. They are also not prone to chip or break in awkward angles and improper uses of force. However, 1095 is not a stainless steel so if you are not careful, rust can form on the blade. In order to combat this issue, powder coating has been employed on all Izula 2 and versions of ESEE-3

If you happen to get an uncoated ESEE-3, regular uses of WD – 40 or oil will be sufficient to prevent rust.

Handle construction

The ESEE-3 handle is made from Micarta that is secured to the tang by 3 Allen bolts. Its scales are well milled which provides a comfortable and tight grip for your hand. Employing a fluid and straightforward design, the handle doesn’t have any obstructing gaps and edges. The overall size of handle is enough even for people with large hands. This is a major plus given that in order to use a knife effectively, its handle must have a good fit in the user’s hand. For a small knife like the ESEE-3, the handle functions perfectly at its purpose.

Another unique feature of the ESEE-3 is its butt (or pommel). It got a pointed appearance and can be used to force your way through tough material such as glass. Within the pommel is a lanyard hole so you can slide Paracord or anything you like through and make a loop. That will be useful as a way to carry the knife which makes it quite visible so you don’t accidentally lose it.

In the Izula 2 case, you can choose a lot of things to act as a handle. A regular product will come with a hollow handle so you choose whatever want. If you want the knife to have a conventional appearance, you can purchase a standard ESEE Micarta handle and put it in. Using Allen bolts, the Micarta handle offers a stable handling to the knife and a good grip. It soaks up moisture or even sweats in both dry and wet conditions. This means you won’t have any slippery experience when using the knife.

Should you want something a bit more stylish and inexpensive, Paracord is a great option. Just wrap the Izula 2 skeleton handle with Paracord and you got a nice holding to the knife. Now instead of the blade alone, you can also readily use the Paracord on the knife handle whenever a need arises.

Sheath design

Both the ESEE-3 and Izula 2 got great sheaths which are very safe and comfortable to operate. The knifes slide in their sheaths smoothly and result in a noticeable “snap” when fully secured. They also permit you a wide range of mounting options too. You can either use the hole on them to secure the sheaths to your pant belt using Paracord. You can also use an extra mounting adapter to clip the sheath in the pant front or back pocket. You can go with anything that you decide to be the best for your body.


And that should cover the basic information between ESEE-3 vs. Izula 2, pretty easy to absorb, right? Both are great knifes for a portable cutting tool and quite sturdy. Support by a generous warranty by ESEE, you will see that each of the knifes is a totally wise investment. So compare their characteristics with your own requirements and needs then you can decide on which is the better knife to use.  AS long as you can do that, you will come into possession of an effective and practical tool for your trips


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