Remington 597 Magnum Review – Discover Its Little Secret


The Remington 597 is an American semi – automatic rifle. It is manufactured by Remington Arms. The Remington has the 597in.22 LR and the 17HMR calibers. The model 597 is suitable for the .17 HMR cartridge. This version is a heavy barrel (with 0.825”OD), covered with laminated stock varmint rifle version of the new Remington autoloader (LS is Laminated Stock and HB is Heavy Barrel).

This gun is an accurate autoloader. Other models of the 597 has standard contour barrels and synthetic stocks. It depends on the option of the buyers. Although the Remington 597 is not an update model of rifle, most of the shooters highly estimate the quality and recommend to others to consider. In this article, you can study some points about the Remington 597 before choosing a rifle for your course.

The basic specifications of the 597 LS HB

  • Order number: 26514
  • Action type: auto – loading
  • Caliber: .17MR
  • Magazine capacity: eight cartridges
  • Barrel finish: satin blue
  • Barrel length: 20in
  • Magazine capacity: 10 (it also has larger one)
  • Overall length: 40”
  • Weight: from 5.5 pounds to 6 pounds
  • Stock material: brown with laminated wood
  • Length of pull: 14”
  • Sights: none


The review of Remington 597

The Remington 597 is a handy gun and quite thin although it has a heavy barrel with a man size stock (14” length of pull). It weight only six pounds with sans scope, you do not concern about carrying it in your shoulders. Moreover, the color of Remington 597 is brown laminate with wood stock, it looks like a fancy and luxurious guns for high – class people. Although people said that it is thicker around the pistol grip and forward of the receiver than it needs to be.


The shape of the 597 is very attractive and classic. It is also fluted with moderate drop, and the shooters can goal in the telescopic sights. The forend narrowed in three main dimensions. A black plastic butt plate and studs for detachable sling swivels are also equipped. The laminated wood stock is very strong that it could bear in the weather conditions. Furthermore, the gun’s fine is exact and accurate. Shooters will not worry about the quality of Remington 597.

The Remington 597 also has some special features in the auto – loaders. The receiver appears some aluminum alloy with a flat black finish. Unlikely other blow – black operated auto – loaders, the steel bolt does not slide in grooves in the receiver. The 597 runs on two steel rods with the bolt. On the one hand, the round tool – steels work harder than the receiver. It will reduce friction and diminish wear. After the last shot is fired, the bolt still opens.

How about the 597’s barrel? It is attached of a unique rigid and positive locking clamp. This process is a better system than pining the barrel with most of rimfire auto – loaders.

The magazine is another unique feature. It is one – piece magnesium alloy die casting into the black plastic bottom which is broken. The follower is molded of orange plastic. Heavy gauge magnesium magazine is rigid, light and accurate. On the other hand, the magazine is a removable with staggered box design which supposedly holds eight.17HMR rounds. However, the last three cartridges require extra force to load. You should limit the magazine load to five rounds for your shooting.

How does it work?

When loading, the press new cartridges deep enough into the magazine to slip the rim under the magazine guide. In other words, the magazine need to feed rails, avoid a cartridge tipping and jamming the magazine. Before loading, please keep in mind that the magazine should not load more than five rounds at one time. Because you loads too many rounds, it will be dangerous for your shooting.


Furthermore, the functions of the bolt, hammer and sear is finishing an ultra – smooth operation. The trigger move approximately five pounds on the digital trigger scale gauge. When shooting from a bench, it is grooved and wide. This process shooting will work harder in tight groups than it could be. From the filed positions, the trigger could decrease the practical efficiency of the gun. Unluckily, the trigger is not easy to be changed in using.

The streamlined, one – piece and polymer trigger guard cover a simple cross – bolt safety at the rear which blocks the trigger when loading. The magazine release in the stock of the lower right side and it locates above the front of the trigger guard. The magazine freely drop from sliding.

Open sights are not applied in the heavy barrel versions of the Remington 597, though they are standard on other models. The top of the receiver is addicted for tip – off scope mounts. It also drilled and tapped for a Weaver rail. Weaver rail is a shipper company of the LS HB model.

In the local rifle range, shooters agree that the Remington 597 LSHB is an accurate auto – loader. The 597 seems to be perfect; however, it has one bad point – the nose of a Speer TNT hollow point bullet jammed against the edge of the chamber instead of slipping inside.


Although nowadays we have many rifles for choosing in the market, the Remington 597 LS HB still performs quite well. Even though the 597 Remington attracts many shooters and users than other auto – loaders. It shoots very amazing and shooters can handle it no matter how far the field.

Moreover, please keep in mind that 17HMR ammunition is not available for use in semi – automatic firearms. Because when you use this ammunition in semi – automatic firearms, it could lead to hurt you and other people. Before using guns, you need to remember how it safe for others and for you, does it cause to personal injury, etc. Do not be subjective! Safety is the first. Obviously, you have to study how to use a rifle or a gun.

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