A Review for Spot Hogg’s Hogg Father

It is hard to shoot a bow without a sight, they say. You can shoot more accurately, you hit the target more from the long range, everything’s better with just one sight. But the real problem is that there are many models out there. So we decided to test through many sights before purchasing one.

HHA or TRUGLO are famous archery brands. Their sights are the most common used accessories by hunters around the world. But there is still a strong competitor in this race, the Spot Hogg. And their Hogg Father sight has surprised us the most. The micro adjustment system, the creative design are just two of its amazing features.

So today, we write a review about the Hogg Father. If you are looking for an awesome sight for your bow, why don’t you take a look at the famous Hogg Father?

Hogg Father bow review

High accuracy

The most notable characteristic of the Hogg Father is the accuracy. Hunters use sights for more precision on their shots, and the Hogg Father fulfill this mission so well.

The key factor to increase the accuracy of the Hogg Father is its Dovetail bar. It is attached to the Rack Assembly, which contains the rest of the sight. The bar makes the Rack slidable, allows us to slide the sights back and forth easily. If you set it at the maximum range available, you can have a longer the sight radius.

Sight radius is the distance between the front and the rear sight of a gun. In this case, it is decided by the peep and the pin of your bow. Physics says that if the sight radius is longer, your shots are more precise. It is because the front sight becomes smaller so that the target appears clearer.

Changing the sight radius isn’t the only way to increase your accuracy. The Hogg Father has an interesting feature, the micro adjustment. It has a smaller scale than the normal adjustment system, even by tenths of an inch. So you never be afraid of over adjustment.

Detachable Dovetail bar

The Dovetail bar provides not only the higher accuracy but also more convenience. It is adaptive and has many types of customization.

The bar is detachable. You can take the Hogg Father out easily. Just remove it when you are afraid of damaging it on the movement. The slidable Rack Assembly is also helpful. When you place it at the max range, you reduce the size of front sight that you see through the rear sight. But some people aren’t familiar with this, so they can slide the Rack Assembly back.

Every model of sight has its own limitation. The Hogg Father is good, but it can disappoint you at some time in life. In such situations, you are likely to buy another bow if using a normal sight. But now you have the Hogg Father, so you don’t need to waste your money. You can take the sight out of the detachable Dovetail bar, then replace it by another scope, such as one of the Hogg It. The bar is designed to fit most of the Spot Hogg’s production. This is an innovative solution to save money and make the hunt more convenient.

Amazing micro adjustment system

Spot Hogg’s Hogg Father may be the most comprehensively customizable model. Hunters who use this system themselves always say something like “amazing” or “awesome”.

As normal sights, the Hogg Father has one sight wheel, known as the Bull Knob. At the first glance, you can see the wheel is quite big. But it does come with many benefits. It is easier to grab and turn a big knob. And it is easier for you to see the numbers on its surface. Under the Bull Knob stays a Vertical Micro Knob. As its name, it allows you to adjust the yardage on a smaller scale. Use the two knobs and you’ll have the exact yardage you want.

Moreover, the Hogg Father contains micro adjustment system for 2nd and 3rd axes. You can have quick settings by loosing and tightening corresponding screws. All changes are simplified and speeded up, which is useful for quick reaction in the hunt.

More options for pins

Generally, you will have many options with the Hogg Father. You can choose among many types of pins. You can go for a single pin sight if you’re confident in hunting ability. Otherwise, you can use 3, 5 or 7 pins to increase the accuracy. You have many colors to choose for the pins. Green, red or yellow pins, each for your own intention and styles. Besides, there are many sizes of the pins. If the default size doesn’t fit you, just try another until you feel comfortable when sighting.

Strong reliability

One more important when choosing a sight is its durability. If there are two similar products, people often prioritize the one which lives longer. The longer

While you go for a hunt, you may be in extreme weather conditions. Heavy rain or intense sunlight, these severe natural phenomena can harm your gear. If the material isn’t good enough, your sights may be damaged. The screw and other parts can become loose or corroded. These damaged parts may have negative impacts on your actions. For example, you can’t adjust the axes when the screws are rusted and don’t fit the wrenches. You also find it harder to move the sights along a corroded dovetail bar.

But when you have a Hogg Father attaching to your bow, you’ll be afraid of those things. The Hogg Father is made up of solid 6061 aluminum and applied HRD (Hardened Rail Design) technique. It weighs a bit more than other models, but it is more reliable. The material is durable and hard to be oxidized. It helps the sight are strong enough to engage any kind of severe weather. As long as you have a good maintenance after using it, your Hogg Father can last for many decades.

For the keep the product always in a good state, Spot Hogg offer a useful traveling case. The box is designed to hold the Hogg Father perfectly. The sights and its parts can fit the created space inside the case. Foam padding is added to prevent your stuff getting out of position. The structure protects the Hogg Father from any physical shocks. Now you can feel confident to bring your case along the way to the hunting site. Unless you climb to the top of the mountain and drop it, it never breaks, according to the product manufacturer.


The Hogg Father still have minor good features: tool-less micro-adjustable windage and elevation, precision laser engraved sight scale and knob, etc. But those amazing benefits above is enough for us to make a decision. Although there are lots of sight models, we still love the micro adjustment and detachable dovetail bar of a Hogg Father.

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