Self-Esteem: Your Fundamental Power

Self-esteem iss Power for the journey

“If you care what people think you will always be their prisoner.” – Las Tzo

Self-Esteem: A realistic respect for or favorable impression of oneself; self-respect. This word came about in the 1650’s of our human history.

Awareness of Self-Esteem

It is an undeniable truth that you must love yourself before you can receive love from others. One of the most amazing epiphanies for a self is to come to grips with the fact that they are trying to extract something from another being they do not possess already.

A self which contains a soul is born into this world with a definitive purpose therefore deeming it worthy of life. With awareness, it is easy to see that all life is worthy of respect. All life plays a part and has a function here in this collective reality we live in. A great place to start with is what brought you to the point of contemplating self-esteem and how it is working or not working in your life.

1. Is your self-portrait realistic?
2. What aspects are causing you harm?
3. What needs to be cleared?
4. What are the voices in your head saying to you?
5. Do you understand these voices are your thoughts?
6. Did you know your self-esteem could be damaged even though you parade symbols of success?

Just like all major structures of a human, including energy level, mental capacity, physical health, our esteem is on a continuum scale and can be raised and lowered with seemingly small alterations in our habits, thoughts, and actions. The importance of monitoring and maintaining self-esteem is as crucial as eating, drinking water, exercising, grooming, and making money to pay the bills.

Look at it in these terms:

0- Suicidal
1- Worthless
2- Poor
3- Negative
4- Neutral, Approaching Realistic
5- Neutral, Realistic
6- Successful, Realistic
7- Inflated, Approaching Unrealistic, Pushing It
8- Inflated, Unrealistic
9- Narcissistic

By breaking the lofty topic of self-esteem down, and understanding it is not static, helps in creating manageable goals and outcomes in this area.

Become intimately aware with your self-esteem. Catalogue times (events) in life where you felt each way. This could potentially be difficult when your esteem is on the lower end. Fight the urge to just say all my events are this number. Consciously pick an event for each number. Even the well-adjusted people on earth have 0 and 9 days. The addition of mind altering substances will make this process harder but not impossible. Just note this and keep it in mind.

Just like deciding if you are hungry or thirsty, determining your self-esteem point is a daily function that needs to be maintained. A small amount of time and attention can make a huge difference in the outcome of the day. Days build upon weeks, which flow into months, comprising years, which ultimately become an accounting of one’s life.

The most important statement one can make is – I AM. These words resonate into being a manifestation that will show up in existence. If another thought or word is issued, It can cancel out the previous. It takes 17 seconds for a thought to take hold.23 From this point forward the longer and clearer you hold this thought without interruption or contradictory thoughts the faster and more completely your surroundings change and reality comes into focus.

The core seven principles to instill in your being can be said after the “I AM” statement. Saying I AM is like dialing a phone number. You are tapping into the universe setting to make an order. Whenever you think a thought that declares I AM and particularly if you create the vibrations by saying I AM, a reaction is going to occur.

This is all maintenance for spirit and fuel to raise or maintain an energy point. Like an exercise or food intake goal. Self-esteem is a strange animal because it is not like breathing which is run by our subconscious mind and happens without conscious thought. It is not also a conscious function that will not occur without thought or effort. It is a hybrid blend of both. Our esteem will occur subconsciously without effort or thought but we also possess the capacity to run this by consciously feeding thoughts into our subconscious minds that will then replicate without effort later. The premise behind this is like putting dirty dishes into an automatic dishwasher. You rinse the dishes off, load them, select the type of wash, add detergent and put the machine on. When the dishes come out they are clean and ready to be used again. So is your subconscious mind when you apply these methods.

The emotions of a person are designed to be indicators of vibrational frequency within a person and are effective tools when working on selfesteem. There is a misconception that some emotions are bad or unworthy or to be avoided. This is the same as saying it is bad for pain to be experienced because it is exposed to heat that is above its capacity to withstand. This is not bad. If the physical body did not send a message to the brain of pain your body may not take actions to remove itself from the danger. That could cause the reaction of your skin being disintegrated by heat and then losing function or even substance. In the same way, our emotions are warning indicators when actions, words, energies, and intentions are invading to harm our souls.

Nothing could be more important to the purpose of a soul then to maintain its vehicle for expression. Soul, mind, and body are all to be preserved, fueled, and maintained so each soul can live out its expression and complete its mission or purpose for this life. Maintaining a direct connection to your inner core and preserving it is your number one mission. Everything else is secondary. That is not a popular statement and may seem selfish. It is mandatory. A soul contributes the most to the world by becoming fully actualized. To do this you must form a connection with your inner core and respect its needs.

Self-esteem is pretty high up on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs (Citation on Maslow). He makes a pyramid asserting that self-actualization is the pinnacle with self-esteem right below It. This is the widely accepted and taught model. This is all well and good and tends to make logical sense. If this is the case though we are limited in a huge way as human kind appears to have a long way to go for everyone to have just the basic physiological needs of food, shelter, clean water, and sex being met. With self-esteem being that high up most people could go through life basically before even considering their own self-actualization.

An alternative to this theory is that our self-esteem determines to what extent we feel motivated to take care of our other needs such as physiological, safety, love, and belonging. In a more rounded continuum as a soul provides maintenance for its physical, mental and emotional well-being it could also at the very same time, and with equal importance, work on esteem. Instead of a pyramid the structure would be more like a sphere with a cylinder three dimensional core in the middle. As our energy is dispersed through the core and radiates out, we receive back the esteem with which we send out. This means we are not basing our esteem on external manifestations and looking to those manifestations but rather with a new awareness we realize that our manifestations match our energy output.


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