How To Sight In A Scope Without Shooting – Complete Guide

It is the relatively simple procedure to sighting in a gun without firing the weapon. The only things you can use are practicing with a boresighter- a device that shows the rifle’s projected point of impact or confirming the point of impact by seeing through the barrel at a predetermined spot. Directly, your gun can be sighted in within minutes. Almost this technique visually defining the point of impact is just applicable with a bolt-action rifle that lets you remove it. Please always verify that the rifle is unloaded before using your gun. Now let’s start to discover how to sight in a scope without shooting with us!

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1. Get on Paper

If you are a professional with your rifle, this step had been handled a long time ago, but if you buy a new rifle or you have just changed scopes, please get it on your paper. The first step is getting your barrel and scope (or sights) in rough alignment. You can use a collimator or laser bore sighter to do this quickly. If the barrel is not looked down from the breech, the collimator or laser bore sighter is the only option for actions (semi-autos, levers, and pumps).



With bolt-actions and single-shots, a hunter can achieve rough alignment by boresighting. What all you have to do is to remove the bolt (or on a single-shot), to open the action and to set the rifle in a robust and to steady rest as well. A target placed at short range—25 or 50 yards. Also, A bull’s-eye target is a probable choice for this to align the round target within the round view through your barrel. Staring your barrel on the target, make sure it’s stable and-and look target through your scope or sights. If you see not clearly, Using the adjustments by moving the scope or sights.

Noticing for the distance, a professional said that neither collimators nor laser boresighting devices are perfect, what you may do is starting a big, clean target! With your confidence, you can start at 50 yards. As clamping a scope on something like a lever action with looking down the barrel, you should try at 25 yards with plenty of clean targets.

2. Make Your Decision

There are three basic factors to make before fine-tuning: distance, load, and point of impact. 100 yards is believed in zeroing as less is not precise enough. Some good riflemen zero at 200 yards and more as 100 yards is considered to be good to remove as much human error as possible and minimize effects such as the wind.

How to sight in a scope without shooting

How to sight in a scope without shooting


When the load is selected, you should decide exactly which place you want your 100-yard point of impact. When you chose short-range hunting situations like close-cover hunting or dangerous game, a 100-yard is great. But if it is shooting at longer ranges, you should move to be a bit high. Normally,  2 to 2.5 inches high match at 100 yards, which depends on the cartridge that a hunter can reach 200 to 225 yards. The most common aiming error is to hold too high rather than too low.

3. Use Good Technique

Sighting in is quite the same shooting groups, it does not have anything to do with how you can shoot; it bases on all about the rifle, so you want to abandon human error. Of course, it takes you a lot of time to use a good and steady rest. You should use recoil or absorbing shooting aids. Take a rest, really concentrate and snuggle the trigger, and then change your sights and do it again as reaching your desired zero.

How to sight in a scope without shooting

How to sight in a rifle scope without shooting


Some hunters said that they try to get the rifle totally steady and use the sandbags or the rest of rifle to do the work.  Please to use hand to put the butt on the shoulder, with the trigger finger the most forward contact.

4. Cold and Clean

How to sight in a scope without shooting

How to sight in a scope without shooting


You will be a lucky person if you might get “pretty close” with the rifle in three or four shots because it often takes quite a few more. Almost riflescopes don’t have truly precise and consistent adjustments, so it í quite difficult to go back and forth to get it right. That’s totally fine, but you have to take your time. Also, you should make sure the barrel is in a cool situation. When your barrel gets into hot, you should let it cool completely and then check again. After a long time using, the rifle should be clean. It’s probably best to clean the barrel after no more than 20 shots.

5. Double-Check, Then Check Again

Now the rifle is zeroed totally as you want it. But wait a few minute, there is more of the say in the infomercials. Do you use a bipod in the field? It’s a great weapon, notably in open country, but some ones will not have the same point of impact with a devoted bipod than over sandbags. Just any field shooting aid could be right the same.  Therefore, when you’re all zeroed, a couple of shots are fired off your bipod or other shooting aid. If there’s an important difference, you may notice it.

How to sight in a scope without shooting

How to sight in a scope without shooting


Conclusion – How to sight in a red dot scope without shooting

To sum up, if you have a purpose of hunting far away, check zero one more time before arriving in your hunting area. It is found rare fairly for a well-mounted scope to get out of zero since traveling but in fact; it can happen, so Murphy’s Law applies. You should test your zero before beginning your hunt. This is quite difficult because you have to check zero how many times in the dark.  Whatever it takes, the level of influence that bases on knowing your rifle are ready are worth the effort. Hope that my post already show you how to sight in a scope without shooting 😀

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