Shoud I Possess A Springfield XD 45 Or A Glock 21 Gen 4

Springfield Xd 45 vs. Glock 21 Review & Comparison

Having the right firearm is a substantial part of the equation for getting excellent shots. In the recent market, there are many types of pistols, but you completely have no idea which one to choose. In this article, I will be tempted to suggest you two brands of guns – which I think – are relatively popular with professional shooters: they are Springfield XD 45 vs. Glock 21.

My goal with each review is to give you a complete understanding of each pistol. I want you to feel like you fully know the product you are contemplating without even touching it. We want you to realize what the product does and how well it does it. We want to do this without the necessity for you to go anywhere, buy or test anything. If you need more accessories for better assembling here you can find Five SeveN accessories.

By reviewing two of them, I will make a comparison to make clear that which one you will highly like. Let me help you find the firearm that is best for you!

1. Springfield XD 45 Review


The Springfield XD 45 is designed to put the most into your hand when you hold it. It is specially used for multi purposes including hunting, self-defense, law enforcement, tactical deployments or in a lot of sports competitions.


The XD 5 feet full size has all the same features found in the criterion XD line in a tactically-sized package. This pistol is as comfortable to shoot as you would hope it to be. It measures 4.4 feet in height, 6.3 feet in length and just 1feet in width. The capacity is insufficient, being a single pile, and will only accommodate five rounds. Inclusively with the five rounder, this firearm is beautiful and slender; unspoiled for a firm fit against your hip.


With a great capacity of 13 rounds, the Springfield XD holds notably more than most other pistols of the same caliber. Some say the 45 is too high-powered for such a small firearm, but I have found it to be controllable when it comes to recoil and the next shots. The design is pretty impeccable and permits to ease of manage, even though you are not a linebacker.


The safety on this pistol was what impresses me most. The striker status indicator, the Ultra Safety Assurance (USA) and Action Trigger System, grip safety and national firing pin block give you the safety and function that you expect in a Springfield XD 45.


Springfield indicates a retail price of $679, which is entirely reasonable than the average.

2. Glock 21 Review


If mentioning about the popular types of specialized firearms, it will be a lack if we don’t discuss Glock 21. The generation I want to review is Glock 21 GEN4 (4th generation).


The Glock 21 Gen4 holds 13 rounds, has a full-sized grip, a 4.6-inch barrel, and weighs 26 ounces. The modular back strap format on the Glock 21 Gen4 permits you to customize its grip to adapt to your hand size promptly.


The Glock 21 GEN4 is an operated recoil pistol that shoots 45 auto shots. It is a characteristically high capacity, 45 caliber combat pistol. It has demonstrated reliable, precise and unyielding. With a 13+1 capacity, it supplies explicit firepower in a demonstrating quality. For many, that means a full-sized pistol with the capability of a double-stack magazine.


The Glock 21 Gen4 is equipped with the safe action system, an entirely automatic safety organization comprising three passive, unconnectedly operating, mechanical safeties, which chronologically disengage when the trigger is pressed and mechanically reengage when the trigger is liberated.


The average cost for each Glock gun in the ballistic market is $599.

Comparison between Springfield XD 45 and Glock 21 GEN4

The Glock seems simpler than its rival. It has less that can go wrong, it also has a larger replacement market, a crisper trigger with better rearrangement, and the gun feels like it’s lower in hand than the Springfield XD. It just shoots better, or it likes the grip safety. It holds the same capacity: the Gen 4 21’s and Springfield’s both are convenient for lefties, and they are both very reliable in general. So you can’t go wrong with either. Just make sure you handle and shoot both first.

There are some strengths of each kind of pistol which I might like to put an idea into your head:

Springfield XD 45:

  • Fits average size hands better
  • Precise and durable
  • Have better sights: either fixed steel or totally flexible
  • Can shoot lead bullets

Glock 21 GEN4:

  • Has a large grip that favors shooters with large hands
  • Has a low price in the market, suitable for a lot of purchasing objects.
  • Accurate and durable design
  • Lighter than the Springfield XD 45

Nonetheless, they both have their certain drawbacks.

The Glock 21’s only real problem is its size. It is a bit larger, and people with small hands often have some difficulties holding it. The short frame model might help, but the changes attributed in the Glock 21 Gen4 were what made the Glock 21 hard to reached more gunners.  Next is the magazine catch, which is not easily alterable.

The Springfield XD 45 does not have a lot of muzzle flip. It pushes straight back. When it unexpectedly blows apart, it locks up the striker and returns the pistol untreatable. Then, it’s only tripping the sear. It’s not as if it has to check anything before firing, causing users some troubles.

In conclusion, here is my little experiences about two types of pistol. As you can sum up, from the article, both have their advantages and drawbacks. Mostly, the choice is yours. This is a suggesting material that helps you comprehensively address your buying purposes. I hope it can help you find out which kind of firearm can fit your individual aims.  

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