Spyderco Endura vs Delica – The folding knife reviews

I know for sure that you all have heard about Spyderco – a big brother for the knife enthusiast community. There are tons of models which were born by such brand. This time, it is a deep insight into two fascinating kids of the Spyderco, namely, Spyderco Endura vs Delica.

A little introduction

It is the fact that you entirely cannot feel the perfection of the Spyderco Endura until you have a real touch on. The brand has owned the Endura for many years.  Basing on predecessors, it experienced uncountable times of refining to get the today quality and belong to the list of the best EDC fixed blade knife.

Along with the Endura, The Delica has won appreciation from customers as one of the most well-known models of the Spyderco. Being at launch in 1990, it is much older than the Endura. And now, new versions are available with plain edges and numerous color options for the handle.

Dimensions and details

Undoubtedly, both dimensions and details of the Spyderco Endura and Delica cannot be the same. So, how can their own’s make the difference?


With an origin from Japan, this product line shows the length of 3.75” for the blade and 8.75” for the total. Besides, its weight is 3.6 ounces. The appeal lies in a lightweight. Despite a large appearance, the Endura is not too heavy to hold and even pocketable.

Among four generation of the Endura, there is an outstanding feature in the blade which is not only long but also slender. The shape comes with a process of grinding from the spine to the bevel to make it flat.

Moreover, the VG-10 is in use for such knife line of the Spyderco. Here is a kind of steel from Japan with a capacity of building excellent edge retention without corrosion.


A common reason why people keep choosing the Delica for daily carrying is its light weight. Just 2.5 ounces, the knife makes it easy to bear on every upcoming journey. Thanks to a quad-mount pocket clip design, it is possible for you to adjust for clipping up or down and carrying with left or right hand whenever you want.

At the state of opening, the overall length gets 7.125” and 2.8” is for the blade.  Maybe, the Delica looks like a little edition of the Endura with a 3.75-inch blade.  Additionally, for a convenient carry, there is a lanyard hole on the side of the holder.

Handle and lock

Along the dimensions, they are the handle and lock which are in need for us to consider these products – two in many of the best Spyderco knife.

The Spyderco chose the fiberglass added FRN to make the handle of the Endura. And liners of steel will be nested with the purpose of cutting as much weight as possible. In general, its handle brings users a light and convenient feeling with a broad range of colors such as green and orange. In fact, the Endura cannot provide you with the toughest handle. But somehow, it offers most of the daily usage.

Ergonomics are good enough for you to reach multiple styles including forward and reverse ones for grips. To optimizing reach, you can almost put your hand backward and then make the best use of a jimp ramp. The manufacturer covers corners with the FRN to empower them to go well with textured flats. Especially, the smart bi-directional texturing of the Spyderco makes it possible no matter what condition the grip is in.

Furthermore, the spoon-style clip in the black cover of the Endura has got a lot of implement.  In the pocket, it always rides low so that the great retention is ready all the time.

As for the Delica, its handle is from the material of fiberglass and with the FRN which comes with frames of stainless steel. Between the blade and liner, there is totally no gaps at all. Admittedly, the cases of rubbing against liners will not occur, and you can open or close the knife smoothly.

Like the Endura, the Delica knife also presents the bidirectional texture. Hence, the handle of the knife meets even strict requirements for the heavy usage.


The thumb hole in the Endura has a length of 13mm which is large enough for deployment. If you are a lover of such detail, it will not make you disappointed. The hold has a function of make room for your thumb to get the convenience. Just by one flick, the knife opens smoothly by the support of this perfect structure as well as washers. For more detailed, these washers are at the low phosphor friction.

On the other side, the Delica performs the mid-locking mechanism. And there is no case of up and down as some people still talk about. This mechanism of looking plays a significant role in keeping the knife handle thinner. Simultaneously, its work is also effective in making sure that the knife is locked when it is in the open position.

Wrap up                                   

For decades, both Endura and Delica have been the staples of the Spyderco brands. Each of them has outstanding features by their own to build up the prestigious of the brand today. They are all ideal products for daily carrying, yet still big enough for multi-usage in need with a lot of color choices.

In term of the prices, in the market, the Endura knife seems to be more expensive. However, in comparison of Spyderco Endura vs Delica, they have nearly the same material and designs. At this point, the former is highly recommended.

Moreover, there is a flaw found in the Endura one. The thing is the problem of the blade development. For cases of cutting the hard objects, the knife will find difficulties. It means that the Endura is only suitable to act as a light-to-medium tool. Because of this minus point, the Delica takes advantage over its rival in my opinion.

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