How to start a militia in six simple steps

Whether you want to develop your basic skills or have fun with like-minded people, starting a militia could be an interesting idea. It’s an excellent way to enhance yourself mentally and physically but there are many things you have to pay attention to. From recruitment to training, it’s not easy to get a militia up and running without serious investments.  In the case that you are in need of guidance, this article shall tell you how to start a militia in six simple steps. Take a good look the information below in order to organize a militia successfully.

Depend on the law of state and country, the forming of a militia could be relatively tolerable or outright illegal.

That is why it’s best to check out the local regulations before you attempt to do anything. Determine what kind of militia is allowed to exist in your place and you won’t have to face potential troubles with the government. For most of the time, you often have little problem starting a neighborhood watch. On the other hand, armed organizations tend to be frowned upon since weapon possession is quite a sensitive issue in many regions.

With that being said, now let’s get down to business.

Step 1: Make yourself known

The first and foremost step of forming a militia is to present yourself to the world, hence, you need to come up with an identity. It’s recommended to pick a name and a logo that leave positive impressions on the general public and potential member. Do remember not to go for something too extreme or you may attract unwanted attention from the authority. A slogan is optional, it’s best to use words which are meaningful and memorable to inspire people to join your militia. Take some time to consider your options and try to make logical decisions.

Step 2: Recruitment

One member militia is kind of boring and tasteless so obviously, you have to seek out members among the crowd. The success of your recruitment effort relies on a wide range of factor from social standing to political climate. Of course, the purpose of the militia is also an important factor to consider as well. Sometimes, a clever use of the local situation could quickly fill your militia rank in a blink of an eye. For example, series of robberies or a lack of security in the area make thing easy to recruit member for a neighborhood watch.

Always be honest about your intention, no one want to join a militia that doesn’t operate like the descriptions. Because the members got to worry about their life, act reasonably and put together a flexible schedule for everyone.   Thanks to tools like the social network, it’s much easier to reach out to people compared to the old days. Start with your friends and expand from there, your friends know other friends and may invite them into your militia group if they are interested.  With luck, you should be able to recruit plenty of people.

Step 3: Socializing

With a bunch of member in your militia, the issue of socializing is very important to keep the group well connected. Let the members feel welcomed but don’t bother pleasing everyone because it’s impossible. Undesirable traits like self-centered, lazy, immature, egotistical and dishonest must be eliminated at once. You definitely don’t want to spend time with people that make you feel frustrated, the same can be said about others. Act fast or the membership of the militia could drop substantially in a short period of time.

The leader and instructors of the militia are positions of respect, the group may crumble if these positions are held by people not worthy of respect. If you happen to be the leader or an instructor, make sure that you earn the trust of your comrades before anything else.

Step 4: Training

The type of your militia will decide the kind of training provided at the place, it may range from first aid skill to weapon management and so on. The Internet is a great way to obtain the latest information on a variety of subject if needed though some filtering might be needed in certain cases. Military field manual is also an excellent source as well since it can provide with quality experiences and well-tested methods. Nonetheless, you probably have to invest a good amount of time and effort to figure out a suitable program for all members. Safety is number one priority, make sure everybody in the group got proper equipment and gear at each training session.

Step 5: Activity

Now you have an operational militia with plenty of trained personnel, it’s the time to conduct some activities. In the case that your militia is a civil defense group, there is little thing to be done unless your country is currently at war.  However, simple patrols or field exercises are a couple of activities to check the ability of the militia members.  You have to plan them out in advance along with a contingency solution people know what to do when things went south. After the conclusion of the activities, thoroughly review the performance of every member of the militia including yourself, there is always room for further improvement.

Step 6: Important tips

Never break the law, you must keep that in mind, the last thing you want to experience is to become an eyesore to the government. In fact, cooperate with the local authority whenever possible to show your organization benefits to the community. Promptly remove destructive elements from the militia, especially when they consistently fail to obey the group schedules and regulations. Always keep the original goal in sight and don’t lose it, letting trivial stuff to take over shall put an end to the militia in no time.


And that is all you should know about how to start a militia, not too hard to understand, right? Everything could appear to be hard at first but keep trying and you shall reach your goal before you know it. Take one step at a time and most important of all, try to have fun in the process.

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