What Does Sturgeon Taste Like?

Every day you use possibly the meat of wild animal elk, porcupine, and the others, besides you, possible need to eat vegetable and something involve fiber; however, seafood is one of essential food in human life. And, this article we want to mention to sturgeon which is a typical example.

Sturgeon get a high-value nutrition and, certainly, it is good for heath‘s people in daily life. It could not describe the taste of sturgeon by some word simply because everyone always has different taste. Moreover, sturgeon also is cooked following many spices and recipes. It depends on each of sense, person, and manner.



Similar to the others food in life, sturgeon can be done by many ways namely smoked, fried, grilled, made soup, etc. and the others. The combination of sturgeon and the different spices will make many typical dishes. Also, it will give a diversity of taste which depends on the conditional.

Therefore, to find a specific number of recipes from sturgeon in the fact that it seems to be impossible. But, the dishes are the most highlight in all which can name as some dishes by smoked and caviar.


Some people believed that the raw sturgeon taste like saltwater white fish; however, the others consider that taste of sturgeon is more similar to freshwater fish. The meat of sturgeon is very fatty, light and fresh. But, some customer believed that sturgeon does not smell fishy. Besides, its texture is well chewy.

In fact, all of the part in sturgeon always becomes value even it’s bone because of creating from gristle. Therefore, several different dishes are made from sturgeon by many of ways. The taste and smell depend on the spicy and technique of the cooker.


Smoked sturgeon is familiar dishes in throughout many countries in the world. In the west, they always make smoked sturgeon to reserve them for a long time. But, nowadays this dishes become more delicious by many ways.

You certainly feel fantastic when you have a chance to taste a smoked sturgeon because of its delicate in each of texture. Besides, sweet flavor and velvet texture which make you forget anything in your work that you feel pressurize all time. So, eating also is a way to reduce stress in your life. Especially, fish is not so fat to enjoy for everyone and, it is better than to the woman.


Many ways to make smoked sturgeon but, we can make smoked sturgeon only by do you follow four simple step which we collected and, you can consult the way to make sturgeon below:

You need to prepare for spicy and cooking utensils:

Underneath the meat of sturgeon in brine 24 hours

Time to cook 4 hours

  • 3-5 pounds large blocks sturgeon
  • 1 cup kosher salt
  • One teaspoon mace
  • One tablespoon garlic powder
  • Brandy or Whisky to coat salmon

And then you need to make it following four steps below:

  1. Cut it to have any blocks of the rectangle and, mix into salt, sugar, and spices together. Then put into covered with the non-reactive container (plastic, ceramic, and stainless steel). Next, lay it into the fridge to cure much enough time to match with sturgeon weight.
  2. Pull it out from the refrigerator then cure and rinse sturgeon. Use a paper towel to make them dry and next, lay it on the rack in the fridge during the next day.
  3. Smoke it during 4 hours in very low temperature. It is about 160 degrees F.
  4. Make it completely cool then cover and store. It could be reserved for one week in fridge or 6 months if it laid in freezer covered.

It is all the things and steps for making smoke sturgeon. Let ‘s try to have a right taste of smoked sturgeon as you can.

Smoked sturgeon also combines fresh lemon and thyme and some spices to become a salad which is very delicate and cool in taste because it is sour of lemon and smell of the thyme.


For a long time, caviar gives to the human many of nutrition for health in day life. Thus, caviar is not so far to everyone that it also become a regular dishes quickly in wherever, and caviar gets some element which is good for the health.

If you are a big fan of seafood, you will fall in amazing experience in the taste of caviar. A lightly sweet, salty and fishy are some adjective to describe to caviar. You can image in your mind that smell and a little creamy and nutty of caviar when you enjoy it.

People always use caviar like a part of dishes which get prettier much more than. Usually, you can find some recipe such as squid ink caviar and crab salad, scallops and sturgeon with caviar or, sometimes caviar is a supporting part, making dishes get a sweet flavor.


Sturgeon is also a perfect suggestion for Sashimi SHUSHI or Rolled SHUSHI. These are an amazing experience for the person who is a big fan of Japan‘s food. It is sweet, creamy from the meat of sturgeon. Besides, you can taste by your tongue and nose directly. Moreover, fresh fish will give you have a fact sight.


For freezer fish: you need to cure and clean it before put it into the fridge. Then choose the container to store all of steaks and cutlet. Whole non-oily fish can be stored for six months, stored steak and cutlets for three months. Both of them maintain at 18 degrees C or less.

For fresh fish: it should reserve in period 2-3 days with 40 degrees in the fridge.

For cooked fish: the suitable temperature is 140 degree or higher in the refrigerator.

IN CONCLUSION                                        

Thank you for reading this article, we always hope you have a beautiful day with many recipes with sturgeon beside your family. And, we also expect the commendation from all of you.

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