Vortex Crossfire vs. Diamondback Binoculars

Binoculars are the products that it not easy to choose. However, if you read news or information on the Internet, you can recognize that Vortex and diamondback are the most trusted brands in the optical instruments industry and it also is well known in over the world. In spite of producing a lot kind of different products, binoculars still are the most famous product offered. Thus, the question is that we should buy Vortex or diamondback while both of these models are qualified and have the reasonable price. ? It is the tough task for not only those who are professional but also the beginner. To solve this issue, I write this article to help you know more details through my experiences.

First, of first, we have to see the brief review of each model about the impressive features to identify the general information about the product that you want to spend money on. Besides, you might know the difference between two of these binoculars.

Vortex Crossfire binocular review

As you know, the Vortex has filly multicoated optics which is the prominent feature in the high-end optics. Besides, you also can have the clear and bright image thanks to the multiple anti-reflective coatings on the glass surfaces.

Moreover, it is fitted with the O rings that can support to protect the inside part of the binoculars from the negative environmental effect such as dust, moisture, and debris. Especially, the binoculars are waterproof, and it is filled with the argon gas as well. Additional, it is not influenced by the Frog, so it is the best choice for using in the areas with high humidity and the high temperature.

You also can have the variety of selection for this model. There are up to 4 binoculars with the different configuration: 10×50, 10×42, 8×42 and 12×50. It can be said that the 8X42 is the boast of amazing fields of view about 393ft at 1000yards which is the incrediable number. 12X50 has at least field of view about 273 ft at 1000 yards. You must be supervised by the weight of 10X42 about 23.3 ounces which are the lightest model. It helps you avoid being tired on your hand when you hold the binoculars for a long time.

You can not forget to mention the relief of eye, four models above have the eye relief about at least 15 mm. They are the roof prism binoculars. Besides, you can change the tripod due to their size. It is the same with the other crossfire binoculars, and they also boast of fully multi coated optics. To be honest, the cross-line of binoculars is the great recommendation for the bird watchers and hunters.

Diamondback binoculars

It can be seen that the diamondback binoculars offer the constant value for your money. It is famous for their ergonomic design and the wide fields of view. Besides, it is also equipped fully multi coated optics and the O rings which help to protect the inside part from the dust, debris, and moisture.

To make easy in adjusting, it is fitted with the central focus knob. Especially, it has the argon filled tubes and the adjustable eye cups.

You might be interested in none binoculars in this series with the magnification and the objective lens configuration. 8X28 is the smallest diamondback and 12X50 is the biggest one. The other models are 10X50, 8.5X50, 10X32, 8X32, 8X42, 10X42.

8X28 is the smallest, so it has the little field of view. And the 8.32 is binocular that has the impressive 420 ft of the field of view. About the eye relief, 8.5×50 leads the rest with the great eye relief of 21.5mm.

Comparison the Vortex crossfire vs Diamondback binoculars

Through two reviews above, you can see some differences between them. Now, we take a look at the comparison to see what the feature is right for you.

Selection and price

Firstly, it is certain that the diamondback has the wider selection of nine binoculars in a series while the Vortex crossfire just has five binoculars. Thus, with the diamondback, you will have more choices than the crossfire. This is the reason why the crossfire is cheaper than the Diamondback. If you want to buy cheap binoculars with the high quality, you can choose the crossfire. However, the Crossfire 8X42 has the same price with the 8X28 diamondback. It is fair for the lower price for the crossfire because of its bigger objective lens.


About the performance, it is quite hard to choose which is the winner. In term of the field of view, the crossfire 12X50 has the wider field of view than its diamondback counterpart. Whereas, the field of view on the crossfire is lower than 420 ft field of view on the 8X28 on the Diamondback. If we consider about the comfort, I suppose that it is the same in two of these models. About the eye relief, I have to prove that the 8X42 variant of the diamond back has the better eye relief than the crossfire. Therefore, the diamondback would be the winner in eye relief.


It is clear that the crossfire series of binoculars is always lighter than others. The 12X50 crossfire weighs about 30.3 ounces during the diamondback counterpart just 31 ounces. Also, the 8X42 crossfire is about 23,5 ounces of weight, but the diamondback weighs up to 25.5 ounces. Thus if you want to have a light and compact binoculars, I recommend the crossfire is the best selection for you.


Normally, the hunters usually like to use the Crossfire and those who want to watch animals and birds prefer the Diamondback.

To sum up, I think it is impossible to tell which is the best binoculars because each model has the different great features along with the distinguished drawbacks. Thus, your choice must depend on which you prefer. Both of these binoculars serve your need of watching animals and hunting. Hope that my article can partly help you to choose the right one.

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