What Might Cause A Shotgun To Explode

Nowadays, many people use shotguns for self – protecting, for hunting, etc. in the Western regions, especially in the USA. Guns are useful and helpful when the users know how to use, control and serve them clearly. Moreover, they need to take lessons from qualified instructors when having a new weapon. To protect their families, their friends, their neighbors and themselves; this is a must. On the one hand, they could discover why a firearm may blow and how to control it safely.

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Why a shotgun blow up?

In the 13th century, people can use guns in the Western areas. Guns was made from brass or wrought iron. And they could not stand up to shooting even if they have black powders. However, the powder was weaker in that period of time. It did not have much saltpeter.  Moreover, the cannons were used by prisoners to fire from the prisons. If they survived, they had already forgiven. Therefore, cannons are very dangerous.  When producers improved these guns by welding and locating techniques, it looked perfect with iron and later steel.

In the period time of smokeless powder, many people did not understand the difference between of black powder and smokeless powder. They loaded it in the same way and it destroyed guns in short order. Obviously, the problem did not appear when they could recognize that point.


The third issue was that primers had too much mercury. The mercury could attack the case and destroy the shotguns when it reloaded and fired. Black powder could be an unwelcome customer as it had lower pressure and the cases were washed of loadings on some occasions. It could diminish the priming mixture. For example, some older 38 and 357 Magnum had big pistol primers could cause. If you haul a max load of using small pistol primered cases, the powder could lead to a big problem in a lagre primered case.


The fourth problem is shooting a shotgun in the wrong cartridge. For example, when you shoot the 8 x 57 in the 30 – 06. The 8 x57 is enough good shotgun to use, but you do it 2 bad things. Firstly, they shoot an 8mm bullet down a 30 – caliber barrel is not a good idea because the case is not long and the head will not be supported. It could not be explode the shotgun, but it would destroy the stock and magazine as the gases have to go somewhere. If you shoot a 30 -30 in a 303 Savage, it would also be destructive. The 30 – 30 case is smaller at the critical head area, explode gas all over.

Secondly, when you use a 358 Winchester in a 270 or 30 – 06. It is very crucial you should use proper ammo. If you make 7.7 Japs out of 30 – 06 cases, you should not fire in a 30 – 06 or 270.

On the other hand, several obstructions could blow a barrel, although it could not usually happen. If you have a gun and a wad stuck in the barrel, it could cause a serious injury. Because the barrel is thin. The powder and the shot residue will come out other sides. It will take the shrapnel, if your arm is in the area.

How to control it safely?

Before being a hunter, you will need to understand the firearm safety. There are four primary rules you should remember – ensure the target and what is in front of it and beyond it, keep your  finger outside the trigger guard till you are ready to shoot, treat every firearm with the respect as a loaded gun and point the end of a gun barrel in a safe direction.


On the other hand, many accidents of shotgun could happen in the household. Therefore, you need to know how to control it at your home.

It is extremely important to lock your guns to make sure your children could not reach them. In addition, you need to store ammunition in a separate location. Check a firearm is unloaded before bringing it in other living areas or public areas. Moreover, when your friends want to see your guns, they have to make sure how to control it carefully.

Even though you are a hunter, you should realize four main causes of hunting accidents. First of all, you will forget check the foreground or background before shooting. Secondly, you have to pay close attention of proper procedures for crossing an obstacle, a fence or difficult terrain. Thirdly, you need to control and practice on shooting the firearm. You can check and practice it two or three times a month. Finally, you could check your ammunition and barrel regularly. Because you could shoot in the wrong targets you may not know.

If you want to be more careful, you could unload your shotgun when not shooting and check it casually. Furthermore, please keep in mind that you must not show your guns in front of your children. Because they will ask you how to use and touch it. Do not forget that your children are curious with new one in their eyes. Even though they (especially with boys) want to play a toy of gun, you should not buy it for them. This is not a positive habit in their mind. They could not understand the danger of playing and using guns. You can explain why you have to do this with them.


As responsible hunters, you could realize what a shotgun might explode and how to use it safely for your families, friends and neighbors.  It is not easy to take control firearms, even if they are small in size. Owning and using guns are not bad, but users need to know how to use it in a brilliant way for other people and themselves. To avoid incidents, it is essential to study using guns guide and understand the importance of protecting the public. Do not be subjective!

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